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Sue Chehrenegar

Sue was writing news articles for more than thiry years. She has been composing materail for the Intenet since 2004. Sue majored in biology at college, so she is most comfortable writing about a topic related to health and fitness. However, she also enjoys wtiring about religion, history, sports, camping and gardening.

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Computers in Cars for Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners Should Have Computers in Cars for Connectivity and Convenience

Something in the air of York County, PA seems to invite the development of technological expertise. One young man who breathed that air for just a little more than two months has started ...
Kyocera Rise

A Possible Christmas Gift for a Teenager: The Kyocera Rise

By the middle of September, a number of the vacant stores in west Los Angeles have been transformed into spots where some merchant will be selling Halloween costumes. With evidence ...
Samsung Accessory for Online Marketing

Using a Samsung Accessory to Focus on the Process of Local Search

Among the many Samsung accessories that help to protect the screen of a Galaxy S III, there is a pair of Boss Tech touch screen gloves. Each pair comes in one of two colors, black or ...

Samsung Spotlights the Brightside of Indecision

In the recent past, some mobile-phone shoppers have found it hard to decide between a device with a touch screen and one with a keyboard. Since the arrival of the Samsung Brightside, ...
Windows Azure

Down-to-Earth Facts about Windows Azure

Unless a business owner has had his or her head buried in the ground, that entrepreneur has heard about the cloud. Windows Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform. The person who has ...
Digital Publications

What Digital Publications Can Teach to Owner of Start-Up Business

Within the past two years, Nomad Editions has discovered what can happen when a new business venture lacks a true physical presence. Nomad Editions publishes more than one half dozen ...
Samsung Galaxy S III

Grabbing Public Attention: The Samsung Galaxy S III

Once a man’s or woman’s eyes have focused on the Samsung Galaxy S III those vision sensing organs are not apt to get distracted very easily. That is due to the nature of that phone’s ...

Looking Inside the Box that Contains a Motorola DROID RAZR M

Those who already own and use a RAZR will discover that the screen on the newest model, the M version retains the size found in the original version, specifically 4.3 inches from edge ...
Compact and Mobile Scanners for Small Business

An Aid to any Small Business: The Latest Compact and Mobile Scanners

As a rule, the owner of a small business cannot afford to spend a great deal of time sitting at a desk. That fact underlines the benefits linked to a mobile scanner. Such benefits can ...
Motorola Photon Q

A Close Look at the Motorola Photon Q

Sprint now provides its customers with the opportunity to try the Motorola Photon Q, a mobile phone that is also referred to as Android 4.0. It comes with a manual, a charge block and ...
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