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Kathryn Ward

29 year old artist, writer, blogger, gamer, Tygerwolfe has been called a guru of therianthropy and related topics. Her blog topics range widely from internet gaming to spirituality and cover a myriad of iniformation in between.

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Holiday Promotions and Business Success

One of the things that keeps a business going and keeps interest being generated (especially in small businesses or ones with serious niche markets) is attention-generating promotions. ...

5 Tips For Getting the Most Out Of Your Battery Life

About six years ago (no, wait, it was exactly six years ago), when Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 came out in theaters, my then best friend (now fiancee) and I went to see a fairly late ...

Twitter As a Valuable Business Tool

When I first joined the social network known as Twitter, I didn’t think much of it. I mean, how much can someone actually say in one hundred and forty characters or less? Not ...

Write Fanfiction To Improve Your Writing Skills

Everyone has a favorite story. Be it a television show, a movie, a book, or what – everyone has some world they love to revisit again and again. Many people have more than one ...

Using WordPress Schedule Feature Effectively

Keeping up a regular blog is a feat that not many people can do alone. You decide you’re going to post once a week, but one week you’re sick, another week you can’t ...
Whitetail Deer Male

Bringing The Outdoors Indoors With TheHunter

Do you love nature? I know that I do. And in our hectic, day to day lives, we hardly ever seem to have the time to commune with nature the way we want to. Sometimes the only exposure ...

Finding the Time for Your Own Writing Projects Amid Work

I am both a writer and an author. What’s the difference, you ask? A writer is anyone who writes – for whatever reason – and (in general and hopefully) gets paid for ...

The Importance of Personal Branding

When you realize that it’s time for you or your company to have a website, after you’ve secured the domain and hosting space, what’s the next thing you need to focus ...

What Your Gaming Style Says About Your Business Mind

According to a recent study, the largest (or soon to be largest, anyway) industry in the world is the gaming industry. Companies like Zynga and Blizzard and countless others entice ...
What Is Addiction

Facing Your Addiction – The Path To Success

I know what you’re thinking – I thought it for a very long time, too. “I’m not addicted to anything. Why am I even reading this?” But as it turns out, ...
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