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Gold Price Appreciation

Will Gold Price Go Down?

The global gold price has broken all the records during the past 10 years, and has increased for 6 times. While the gold price was only $259 per ounce (28.35 grams) in November ...
Phone Conversation

How to Talk on the Phone Properly

George Walsh, partner in a large New York firm, dialed the number of Miss Evans, chief of the firm’s stenographic pool. “Miss Evans is away from her desk a moment, Mr. ...
Advertising for Retailers

Offline Advertising Tips for Retailers

1. Media used by retailers The term, “retailer,” refers to the merchant who sells an article direct to the user. The peddler who sells from door to door, the pushcart merchant, ...
Advertise in Radio

11 Important Tips About Radio Advertising

1. The place of radio in the campaign plan One day a well-known conductor of radio orchestras was rehearsing his men in a studio. Suddenly he rapped for silence, stopped the rehearsal, ...
Learn to Motivate People

How to Motivate People to Take Action

 If we remember this above all else we shall avoid much of the unnecessary wheel-spinning in life: There is no excuse for effort except for action; there is no reason for action ...
An Advertising Sign on the Street

How to Use Advertising Signs Properly and Effectively

There are four main kinds of advertising signs: (a) Small advertising signs, prepared and distributed by advertisers for use inside and outside a dealer’s store, usually ...
Sell by Mail-Order

How to Sell by Mail-Order

Nature and Importance of Mail-Order Business The term “mail order” refers to that type of business in which orders are received directly from the customer by mail, without the aid ...
write a friendly letter

How to Write a Letter that Gets a Good Response

Dear Mr. Smithers: This will serve to acknowledge the receipt of your esteemed letter of the 15th instant and in reply thereto I beg to state . . . Seldom does anyone receive a letter ...
Your Future Job

What Should You Be When You Grow Up?

What should I be when I grow up? How can I reach the place in the world’s work to which I aspire? You have doubtless asked such questions of yourselves many a time. And perhaps you ...
Advertising Media

What Is Direct Media Advertising

An advertising medium is a vehicle for carrying some form of sales message to potential buyers. Newspapers, magazines, farm papers, technical and trade publications, foreign language ...
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