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Business Letters

How to Write Professional Business Letters – Examples and Samples

ITS IMPORTANCE The importance to the man or woman employed in business of being able to write a clear, suitable letter that fulfils exactly the object for which it is written and leaves ...
paperback books

Paperback Exchange Business that Makes Money and Leisure

Did you ever think that paperback book exchange can be such a profitable business? Let’s listen to Eric J. MacDonald and his success story: Hey! Look at me! I just received a ...
How to Sell Used Books

How to Make Money Selling Used Books

Let’s listen to the Peter Cullen who has been living through selling used books for so many years: Is it still possible—in this age of computerized frustration and urban crisis—to ...
Successful Advertising Campaign

How to Plan a Successful Advertising Campaign

1. Planning Every Step It costs far less to avoid advertising errors than it does to rectify them. An advertising campaign is something that can easily go wrong, and everything should ...
Advertise Your Business

How to Advertise Your Business Profitably

This article is focused on offline advertising media and methods. We have already talked about online advertising on this website a lot and in future we will talk more about it. However, ...
Ambition and Dissatisfaction

Are Ambition and Dissatisfaction Always Unpleasant?

Many of us have read of the farmer who was approached by a salesman of The Country Gentleman, the very popular magazine of the early nineteen hundreds. After the salesman had sufficiently ...
How to Manage Your Time As Mom and Woman

How to Manage Your Time As Mom and Woman

There is an interesting about the effective management of time: I usually when you have more to do within the same period of time, you manage to get everything done. Conversely, if ...
Improve Your Chances

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting a Job

The best job opportunities usually go to the men and women who have the best skills demanded in the job market place. In the preceding chapters we have discussed some of the most common ...
Make Money from Home

How to Make Money from Home As a Woman

For some women, making money at home is the only way they can earn extra cash, In general there are three ways of doing it—selling a service, selling a product, or a combination of ...
Selling Opportunities

Selling Is a Major Source of Part-Time Work

Naturally, jobs vary a great deal in duties, skills, and pay. The lowest- I paid job is that of the clerk who merely accommodates the request of a customer across the counter. The successful ...
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