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Carpet Repair

How to Run a Business from Home Using the Extra Room in Your House

Questions like this are usually asked: “We’ve got a spare room (or basement or garage) we don’t use. Can you tell me of any little businesses that my family could operate out ...
How to Love People

How to Love People

One of Dostoevski’s characters said that to love people you have to hold your nose and shut your eyes; but love them you must. Liking or hating people is a matter of personal habit ...
How to Choose an Advertising Agency

How to Choose an Advertising Agency

1. Necessity of an Advertising Agency The highly specialized services of an advertising agency are as necessary for a successful advertiser as are the services of a surgeon to one who ...
Business Competition

How to Analyze Your Business Competition

1. Importance of studying competition Archery is a sport that calls for skill and practice and a good right arm, but an archer may shoot a quiver full of arrows at the bull’s eye ...

Everybody Is Self-Centered

In a Midwestern town, a half dozen years before the Second World War, the most popular and talented college athlete married a beautiful and efficient nurse. Great publicity accompanied ...
Who Will Buy Your Products

Who Will Buy Your Products and Who Are Your Customers?

1. Who Will Buy the Product ? The manufacturer must first visualize the people who compose his market. There are very few products that appeal with equal force to men and women, young ...

Advertising Campaigns Objectives in Details

1. The objectives of advertising There is a common mistake among all advertisers. They always think about the things they want the prospects to know, whereas they should think about ...
Give Love

How to Deal with Difficult People

It was very late on Saturday night when Martha made the decision. For weeks she had been deeply troubled in mind and spirit. Joan, Martha’s closest friend, told the story. The two ...
Why Do People Work?

Why Do People Work?

The Place of Work in Human Life Some of us might be tempted to define work as something we don’t want to do; but that is all wrong. Work is any form of activity that is directed toward ...
Human Desires

Human Desires and Wants and The Ways They Can Be Satisfied

People have always had desires and wants. To have wants does not necessarily mean greed and selfishness, for we may want things in order to make ourselves better or to benefit others. ...
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