Business Letters

How to Write Professional Business Letters – Examples and Samples

ITS IMPORTANCE The importance to the man or woman employed in business of being able to write a clear, suitable letter that fulfils exactly the object for which it is written and leaves ...
Advertising Manager

The Necessity of Having an Advertising Manager and Department

1. Functions of an Advertising Department An advertising department may resemble the general staff of an army or it may be like a regimental staff. It may, on the one hand, plan the ...
Business Convention Etiquette

Business Convention Etiquette for Planners, Delegates and Guests

Etiquette in Convention Planning Conventions serve the purpose of gathering together members of a particular industry for discussion of problems common to all. They also give those ...
Guest Speaker

How to Deal with and Care of Guest Speakers

Guest speakers are a feature of all but the most formal corporate and business meetings. The professional speaker has to put up with numerous inconveniences and annoyances as he travels ...
Company Dinner Meetings

Company Luncheon and Dinner Meetings Etiquette

A considerable number of service organizations and business groups hold meetings in conjunction with either lunch or dinner. The chairman of such a meeting must make every effort to ...
Directors Meetings Etiquette

Company Directors Meetings Etiquette

Meetings of boards of directors may be either regular or special, the time and place of the former usually being provided for in the by-laws or in the statutes. Calling a Directors’ ...
Company Shareholders Meeting

Company Shareholders Meeting Etiquette

Meetings of stockholders are held by all business corporations. Preparations for such a meeting include the following: 1. Sending notice of the meeting, and proxies, to stockholders 2. ...
Business Meeting Etiquette

Business Meeting Etiquette and Procedure for the Companies

Formal Meetings The courtesies and protocol that smooth the progress of meetings are determined mainly by the size and kind of meeting that is held. For example, parliamentary procedure, ...
Large Office Party

How to Plan a Large Office Party

The company that doesn’t have an occasional party for its employees is a dull, lifeless place indeed. It boosts morale for management to sponsor an annual gala at which everyone from ...
Office Entertaining Programs

How to Plan Entertaining Programs at the Office or Plant

There are occasions when a company wishes to entertain on its own premises customers or clients or the public in general. Luncheons, tours, open-houses and cocktail parties are the ...
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