Business Office Parties

Business Office Parties and Gifts Ideas and Tips

In a company of any size there are times when the employees of a department or division decide a party for one of their group is in order. The usual excuses for these pleasant interludes ...
How to Behave with Your Supervisor

How to Behave with Your Supervisor and Superiors at Work

Are you comfortable dealing with people above you in your company’s chain of command? Do you know what courtesies are due them? This article explains the etiquette involved in dealing ...
Employee Recreation Programs

How to Participate in Your Office Employee Recreation Programs

Most companies of any size encourage their employees to take part in a planned program of recreation. Such pastimes as bowling or bridge occupy the winter months, with golf and tennis ...
Working with Others

Basic Rules of Working with Others Effectively at the Business Offices

The observance of rules of etiquette in a business office helps make it possible for people to work together as a team and to enjoy their working hours. This article explains the basic ...
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