write a friendly letter

How to Write a Letter that Gets a Good Response

Dear Mr. Smithers: This will serve to acknowledge the receipt of your esteemed letter of the 15th instant and in reply thereto I beg to state . . . Seldom does anyone receive a letter ...
Commercial Travellers Letters

Commercial Travellers Sample Letters

1. From a Firm, announcing a Call by its Traveller DEAR SIRS, Our Mr. H. Walters will have the pleasure of calling upon you about the 10th inst., when we hope to be favoured with your ...
English Sentence Structures

English Sentence Structures and Patterns in Writing

Every sentence has a pattern. The basic sentence pattern is seen in the sentence with which this article begins. If you look at it again, you will see that the order is — subject, ...
Spelling Skills

How to Improve Your English Spelling Skills

Whether you are writing a long essay or a short essay-type answer to an examination question, you must have some kind of plan in your mind, if not on paper. The simplest plan is that ...
Writing Skills

Easy Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

You will not expect to learn how to write by reading one short article on the subject. This is not the only article I have published on this site. There are so many articles on writing ...
Write Articles Fast

How to Write Killer Articles in Half the Time

Writing articles for revenue share websites, for your own blogs or for clients can be a massive money spinner. However, if you do not use your time wisely you could end up taking a ...
Become a Better Writer

How to Become a Better Writer

There’s a very thin line drawn between a good writer and a better writer. While a good writer may churn out loads of contents, a better writer is always successful in bringing results, ...
Make Money Writing

How to Make Money Writing Simple Articles

With the global recession taking its toll on many people, millions of people are looking for ways to make money from home. There are plenty of ways to do this however, one of those ...
Online Writing Jobs

How to Find Writing Jobs Online that Pay Well

Online Writer’s jobs are for people who want to work from home as writers. People who have writing experience offline, or those who are formally qualified as writers can shift to ...

Write Fanfiction To Improve Your Writing Skills

Everyone has a favorite story. Be it a television show, a movie, a book, or what – everyone has some world they love to revisit again and again. Many people have more than one ...
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