Kyocera Rise

A Possible Christmas Gift for a Teenager: The Kyocera Rise

By the middle of September, a number of the vacant stores in west Los Angeles have been transformed into spots where some merchant will be selling Halloween costumes. With evidence ...

Looking Inside the Box that Contains a Motorola DROID RAZR M

Those who already own and use a RAZR will discover that the screen on the newest model, the M version retains the size found in the original version, specifically 4.3 inches from edge ...
Motorola Photon Q

A Close Look at the Motorola Photon Q

Sprint now provides its customers with the opportunity to try the Motorola Photon Q, a mobile phone that is also referred to as Android 4.0. It comes with a manual, a charge block and ...

The Care and Feeding of an Aging Smartphone

The first smartphone I ever had was the first Google Phone – the Android based G1 (pictured above). I fell in love with it immediately. Getting my email on my phone, being able ...
Customize Your Android

How to Fully Customize Your Android Device

Want to recreate your android device? Want to give it a touch towards your expression? You have found a detailed guide on how to make your phone (preferred) or tablet really yours. ...
Android Apps

6 Apps You Must Have on Your Android Phone

Android phones are getting increasingly popular nowadays in the smartphone century. Huge mobile companies Samsung and HTC have doled out huge amounts of smartphones that are in use ...
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