Web Developers

Important Resources and References for Web Developers

Creating and building website is not an easy task. It certainly needs a lot of efforts, talents, skills and a bunch of patience. A developer should be a well-rounded individual in order ...
User Friendly Website

How to Make Your Website More User Friendly?

Whatever might be the motive behind the creation of a website, the importance of user friendliness should never be underestimated. It might look like that it’s just color, size and ...
How to Fix the Squeeze Page

Why People Hate Your Squeeze Page and How to Fix It

Are prospects allergic to your squeeze page? Do individuals ignore your capture page? Your squeeze page plays a key role in your internet marketing campaign. Capturing information like ...
HTML in Web Designing

How to Use HTML in Web Designing

Today, if we talk about the population of the whole world more that 75% of them uses internet. Therefore, the place of interest of more than 75% of world’s people cannot be a ...
Speed Up Your Website

6 Simple Tips to Speed Up Your Website

How fast does your website load?  The loading time of your website is one of the factors that you can’t ignore, especially if you’re serious about finding long term success with ...
Important HTML Codes

Eight Basic and Important HTML Codes

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is, according to Wikipedia, main markup language for displaying web pages and other information that can be displayed in a web browser. It’s good ...
Successful Website

Important Tips to Make a Successful Website and Web Design

First, to your site or web portal to be successful you must ensure that the pages have fast downloads.  As you know, the Internet connection speed affects many visitors so it is important ...
How To Create A Webpage

How To Create A Webpage and/or Not be Ripped off by a Webpage Creator

The basic language is HTML; hyper text multi-link.  It is not difficult to learn.  There were many programs way back in the Cyber-Pleistocene which turned a basic page done in Rich ...
How to Visually Optimize Your Website

How to Visually Optimize Your Website

Successful marketing online means capturing people’s attention and then converting them into useful traffic that will make you a profit, either by buying your product or service, ...
web building

How to Design a Website By Yourself

You can paint your house yourself or you can hire a professional.  You can publish your book yourself, or you can submit it to established publishers.  You can hire a professional ...
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