Your Future Job

What Should You Be When You Grow Up?

What should I be when I grow up? How can I reach the place in the world’s work to which I aspire? You have doubtless asked such questions of yourselves many a time. And perhaps you ...
Improve Your Chances

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting a Job

The best job opportunities usually go to the men and women who have the best skills demanded in the job market place. In the preceding chapters we have discussed some of the most common ...
Selling Opportunities

Selling Is a Major Source of Part-Time Work

Naturally, jobs vary a great deal in duties, skills, and pay. The lowest- I paid job is that of the clerk who merely accommodates the request of a customer across the counter. The successful ...
Temporary Help Services

How to Find Part-Time Jobs Using the Temporary Help Services

A new service has engaged since World War II, which offers advantages to at least a half million women as well as to tens of thousands of employers. It is the temporary help industry. ...
Apply for a Part-Time Job

How to Apply for a Part-Time Job

This article is the continuation of the A Complete List of Part-Time Jobs for Moms and All Women article. If you have already read that article, you can read the current one to learn ...
Working Mom

A Complete List of Part-Time Jobs for Moms and All Women

You have only to look about the neighborhood to note how many women are employed, many of them part time, many of them on jobs that not long ago were the monopoly of men. Here is ...
Why Do People Work?

Why Do People Work?

The Place of Work in Human Life Some of us might be tempted to define work as something we don’t want to do; but that is all wrong. Work is any form of activity that is directed toward ...
First Day of Work

Vital Tips for the First Day of Work You Can Not Afford to Miss

Long time ago, I published an article on Making New Employees Feel Welcome and Have a Good Start. It covers some very important tips that employers must follow when having a newcomer. ...
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