To Be a Better Student

15 Tips to Be a Better Student

I have a group articles that each students to study better and become better students. The current article is the last article group. Before you go ahead and read the 15 tips listed ...
Understand English Better

How to Understand the English Language Better

It is absolutely essential that you should work always towards understanding in your studies. Unfortunately, because there is often so little time before examinations and there are ...
Memorize and Remember Easily

How to Memorize and Remember

Much of what I said in my articles on note-taking (here, here and here) is connected with remembering. The notes were to be positioned on the page in such a way as to be easily remembered. It ...
Lecture Audience

How to Give a Lecture

Computer and softwares like PowerPoint has made lecturing too easy. We can get ready for a lecture much faster and sooner than we were used to.  In site of this, as a teacher, student, ...
Reading Ideas

General Reading Ideas for the Students

You remember no doubt what Bacon said about books. Some were to be read and inwardly digested. As far as you are concerned those are the core books to which you are to try to give the ...
Reading Strategies

Strategies to Improve Reading Skills in Students

No matter what course of study you are pursuing there are certain books you are expected to own. You will have no choice about these books. There they are title, author, publisher, ...
Reading Faster

How to Read a Book Faster and Understand It Effectively

Reading is such an important part of studying that, in the jargon of some universities, the talk is not of “taking”, “going in for” “doing”, or “studying” a particular ...
Good Study Environment

What Is a Good Study Environment for the Students

Books on the art of study usually contain a fair amount of advice about the physical conditions most suitable for mental work. There will not be much about that here. All you need ...
Manage Your Time

Daily and Weekly Time Management for the Students

If you have read my two previous articles here and here, you will have at least a rough idea of the amount of work you have to fit into an estimated number of hours. You will have noticed ...
The Right Course for You

How to Choose the Right Course and Target to Study

One of the essentials of efficient study is being sure of your targets. “Targets” is in the plural; it is difficult to imagine anyone so limited as to have only one target to aim ...
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