Save Your Finance

How To Save Your Finance and Avoid The Trap of Credit Card

Base on several financial institutions rules, the most important in getting the debt is our debt value or good report cards. It can be sure if we have good payment record, there are ...
live rent free

Live in an Apartment Rent Free

Can you imagine that you can live in a rental apartment without paying any rent? Read the below story from someone who has been doing it, and then follow his footsteps if you are ...
Reuse things to Save Money

5 Kitchen Items You Can Re-Use to Save Money

Why is our country so careless and wasteful with the products we use, as if Mother Nature can just wipe out entire land dumps overnight?  It might sound like a tired and redundant ...
Save Money

5 Ways to Save Money on Beauty Items

 1.  Make-Up Remover Name brand make-up remover liquids and wipes are extremely overpriced.  I feel bad when I see people I know throwing away their hard earned cash on silly nonsense ...
Way to Save More Money

Twenty Ways to Save More Money

Always overwhelmed by the cash crunch? Here are twenty practical ways to save money. 1- Know the due dates of all your bills. Delayed payments are costly because they come with exorbitant ...
Get Clothes at Low Cost

5 Ways to Get Clothes You Will Love at Low Cost

1. Throw a clothes swap party! Truth is, we are all guilty of gathering wearable items in our closets and dressers that we never plan on using.  You might have heard your friends say ...
Cut Your Gas Costs

5 Easy Ways To Cut Gas Costs

1. Carpool with your friends. How many times have you gone out to meet a group of friends for a party and everybody drove in separate vehicles?  Not only is that going to keep your ...
Save Money For Your Kids

Easy Ways To Save Money For Your Kids College Fund

As we all know, children are very expensive.  We can offer them continuous love, support and protection but the essential items that are vital for daily activities are not provided ...
Save Money by Growing herbs

How To Save Money While Living Well

Here’s the thing: we all want to save money, knock a bit extra off our mortgage, afford that extra pair of heels. But none of us want to reduce our standard of living. We don’t ...
cut your grocery bill

How to Cut Your Grocery Bill Without Using Coupons

These days, it seems like the cost of goods in your grocery cart increases each time you arrive at the checkout. Whether it is canned beans, cleaning supplies, meat or fresh produce, ...
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