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Is a scam?  Do they really pay?  In my experience, they will not be worth your time in any way, shape or form. is another site that pays you for submitting your articles you wrote yourself… or do they?

What initially attracted me to them is their claim of accepting articles you published on your own blog, site, paid-to-write article member site etc.

However, at the same time, they seem to delete accounts that post such previously published articles, for “plagiarism”.  I’ll explain below.

Here follows my review of, based on my personal experience of them:

About a year ago, I joined and uploaded some articles.

Some time after my trouble, I try to log into my account and find that it has been deleted.  I gave up on right then and there.  Complete waste of time.

However, last week I rediscovered  Perhaps I could post some of the best of my old articles there, and make a buck or two.

However, still remembering why I wrote them off a year before, this time I read carefully throughout all the guidelines so as not to get deleted again after going to so much trouble.  And I found what I believed to be the reason they deleted the account the previous time:

If an article has been published before, you must first go and add to every profile or website or blog that it’s published on, “Also find my work on”.  This way, they claim, they’ll know that the article you upload onto isn’t just plagiarized from someone else where that article is already published.  Well so they claim;  it’s obviously just so can get a lot of free backlinks.

Also, the username on all sites must be exactly the same.  This might be very tricky for most people, unless they have the exact same username on all their article submission sites.  But, the articles of mine that are posted previously, that I’d like to repost, actually have been written under the same username that I’d like to use on  So I’m allright there.

After adhering to all such over-the-top rules and guidelines, I signed up for  First they have to get back to you to tell you if you have been accepted.  This can take a day or three.  But it may be best to hope you’re not accepted, so you don’t waste your time like I did.

After finally having an account at, finally I was going to make some money.  Turned out to be wishful thinking, but anyway at the time I was still optimistic about, my first big mistake.

I spent hours and hours, over more than a week uploading almost 200 articles.  The dashboard showed me that in that week, my writing made almost $2.  Hooray!  Give it to me!!  Payout minimum is $5 though so I’m close but not quite there yet.

And then came the private message:  Some guy who was a moderator or something, accused me of plagiarizing articles and will have my account deleted by the admin.

I sent a message back that I’d like to know where I am so plagiarizing articles from, as these are all my personal work written by me myself personally, and he messaged me back a website address – my own!

So I’m plagiarizing my own articles now am I?  I explained to him that if he would just look properly, and click on those articles, he would see that it’s written by the exact same username as mine, with the backlink on my profile.  It is my own website address, but it redirects to my articles on one of my article sites.  The author has the exact same username on both that site and, and it is ME.  Nobody else but me.

So he messaged back that he’s sorry for the inconvenience and thanking me for confirming (that it’s my own articles?  It seemed so at the time.).

However merely a day later, without word or tiding, I find my account deleted.  All 200 articles and the hours and days of work to upload them, gone. was a complete waste of time, leading to absolutely nothing but my deepest contempt for them.

So, judging by my experience with them, here are some answers to potential review questions about

* How do I feel this site treated me?  With animosity and suspicion, false accusations, dismissive, unfair, cold & with a fault-finding attitude.

* Did I receive any earnings due me from  No.

*  Can one actually make money with  They’ll more likely delete you before you’ll ever know. So, no.

* Would I judge a scam or legit?  Scam.

* Would I recommend to others to join?  HELL NO.

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