How to Break Down a Big Goal Into Small Tasks

Creating and achieving a big goal can be difficult. Especially if it’s the first time you’re going after it. There are many people who abandon goals midway just because they can’t keep up the momentum.

Although there’s a lot of advice floating out there when it comes to achieving goals, there’s one specific, proven idea that can very well make your journey easier. It involves breaking down your big goal into small, achievable tasks. By creating smaller tasks to reach your ultimate goal, you take your eyes off the major difficulties or hurdles. Instead, your focus turns towards going step by step.

The only way you can achieve real success in anything is to work your way up, bit by bit. Nothing happens in an instant – we all know that. So in order to move ahead towards making your goal a reality, it’s important that you understand what your goal is made up of, which is nothing but a series of smaller goals. The more you work towards getting these small tasks done, the easier it will be for you to reach your target.

In the following article we discuss a few things that will make it easy for you to break down your goal and not make it so intimidating…

#1: Define Your Goal

The first and foremost step towards breaking a goal is to know it inside out. Unless and until you know your goal, you won’t get the clarity needed to work on it. You have to know the end result and how you want your goal to shape up. By properly defining your goal, you make it easy for yourself to make it a reality. It gives you the needed boost to walk in one direction without getting deviated.

For some, defining a goal may seem like a difficult step. Especially when they are vague in their approach. The solution to this is to think your goal as not a goal, but a clear purpose. What exactly do you aim to achieve out of it? How do you think you can do your best to reach your purpose? What can you do to improve your approach? This way, you’ll not only define your goal, but also get a targeted idea as to how to go about breaking it.

#2: Break It Down into Sub-Goals

Before you break a goal down into small tasks, you should work on breaking it down into sub-goals. These are nothing but milestones that you will be achieving as you move forward. By having clear milestones, you’ll be creating a path to track your progress. You will have the necessary ideas to move towards fulfilling your primary goal. These milestones don’t have to be too specific, they can be broad. As long as they’re giving you more clarity, they’re good to go.

However, keep in mind that they also have to be in sync with your main goal. Or else it’ll shift your focus and slow you down from achieving what you want to achieve. Look at these sub-goals as steps that you lead you towards final victory. See them as a part of a chain that leads you to the final result.

#3: Create a List of Tasks

Mapping out your whole goal can be intimidating for many, especially when you’re starting out. Which is why you should start with first mapping out your first milestone – not more than that. This way you’ll be sure that by achieving the first milestone you’ll be getting one step closer to the fulfillment of your main goal. So go ahead and create a list of tasks that will help you through your beginning milestone. Ask yourself – what exactly should you do to complete it? Try to phrase your tasks in an active voice because we’re looking for action oriented tasks here – not vague items.

Keep your task list simple and to the point. Because the more complicated it becomes, the more difficult it is to focus on it. It has to be clear enough to take you towards your desired goal without much hurdles. If you feel that any of the items of your task list are vague or not clear, then go ahead and break them down further. The idea here is to make your goal so achievable that it doesn’t scare you away, but instead brings you closer to making it happen.

#4: Focus on One Task at a Time

Every single subgoal that leads to your main goal is important. This is why you should focus on each task on your list individually. Don’t rush in and try to multi-task. The reason for this is simple – if you don’t take on one task at a time, you’ll get overwhelmed. And due to this, you may fall back into the old “the-goal-is-too-big” mindset which stops you from achieving it. You have to work on keeping things simple. Go from one task to another only when you’re done with the first one. That’s how you ultimately reach your end goal.


Making the most out of your goals requires you to focus on the end result. And in order to do that, you have to sure of the steps you’re taking. By breaking down your big goal into smaller, more doable tasks, you create more momentum. You also get the needed motivation to keep pushing ahead without quitting. You feel the inspiration to grow and progress. So go ahead and start applying the tips that we discussed above to effectively achieve your goal and ensure that you find success after success.

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