How to Create a 3D Model for Free

3D modeling software can be expensive and difficult to learn, which is why many people do not bother with modeling things themselves.  Instead of hiring a professional the next time you want a 3D image or model, try using Google SketchUp first.  Sketchup is free to download and provides a simple interface to rapidly create a 3D model.  It is perfect for designing and illustrating architectural ideas, a new addition, or that invention you have always dreamt about making.  With some practice, it is possible to create any shape you can imagine in 3D and use it for presentations or visualization.

Start with a plane and draw the basic outline of whatever product or building you would like to design.  For example, you can create the outline of a house and then extrude it to make 3D walls.  Use the extensive model library to add in some doors and windows, and then create a simple roof.  In no time at all you have created a house that you can walk through and see in three dimensions.  For added reality, download Kerkythea for free and use it to render the finished design.  This will allow you to add lifelike materials and create renders that are photorealistic.  Many professional architectural illustrators and designers use Sketchup and Kerkythea to create their models, so don’t think that just because the software is free that it’s not powerful!

3D models provide a new way to visualize your projects or show clients what you are planning on building.  Sketchup is an excellent tool for professionals like architects and mechanical engineers because it is easy to learn and very cheap.  Once you learn the details of the program, you can upgrade to the professional version to get even more benefits and make your models even more detailed.   Google Sketchup is an excellent way to model all types of three dimensional models.

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