How to Improve Your Vocabulary?

Vocabulary means the sum of words a person knows. Vocabulary is very important to communicate effectively. Verbally or in writing you should be able to use words to convey what you want to say. To do this effectively vocabulary plays a very important role.

Here are some of the areas where vocabulary plays an important role  Writing a Resume, Giving a speech, Submitting an essay, Writing a letter, Writing a story/poem, Daily conversation, Expressing feelings.

Vocabulary can be improved by following these simple methods.

1. Read books. Make it a habit to read books. You can find so many new words. When you see a new word, look it up in the dictionary and find out what the word means. Do not read further till you find out the meaning and understand the word. Pay attention to how the author has used it, this will help you use the word correctly.

2. Keep a vocabulary note book.  When you look up new word in a dictionary, write it down in your vocabulary note book. Read through your vocabulary once a day. Try to memorize the meaning. Use it wherever you can, speaking or writing.

3. When you find a new word write it down and try to picture the word in your mind. You can even draw a sketch and try to associate with the word. This will help you to remember the word very easily.

4. Make columns in your note book and write the same sounding words together. Read them out loud. Repeat as many times as you want. This will help you remember words easily.

5. There are many radio programs which help learn English vocabulary. You can find out the timing and make it a point to listen to them,

6. Read the word aloud and pronounce it properly. This will help you to be confident when you speak, instead of wondering if you pronounced it properly.

7. Solve cross word puzzles, word buildings, play scrabble, attempt word searches etc. There are many word games to improve vocabulary. Vocabulary becomes fun when you learn by playing games.

8. Find a friend to learn new words. At the end of a week get together, compare the words. This way you will learn more new words.

9. Read newspapers and magazines. This will help you increase the number of words you learn on a daily basis.

10. You can learn words with association. Write down one word. For example “Vase”. Then think of all the word you can associate with the vase and write them down.

11. Practice using the new words when you are talking to your friends. Explain the meaning of the word to someone who does not know the word.

12. There are many sites online to learn vocabulary.

13. There are many free online dictionaries you can download and use for reference .

14. Another way to learn vocabulary is to watch English movies with subtitles. This way you get to see and listen to the word. This will help you to associate with the word and remember the word easily.

15. Listen to daily news on TV. There are varied topics and huge vocabulary potential when you watch news on – weather, politics, entertainment, movies, cooking shows etc.

16. You can watch National Geographic, Discovery Science, and How Stuff Works etc. Your vocabulary will increase by leaps and bounds if you follow these programmes.

Improving your vocabulary helps you to do your best whether you are talking or writing. Make it a point to improve your vocabulary on a daily   basis.

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