How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Nowadays internet has become an important necessity in our lives. With the help of internet we can gather the information about various things in our lives either old or new happenings. But internet is not only the source of information it is also creating the ways for earning of money by sitting at your home. For doing business or earning money there is one thing that is needed at most and that is your contacts and people for doing business with. In case of internet your viewers are your contacts that are adding revenue to your website. We can find the number of ways listed in thousands websites offering ways for increasing the traffic on your website. But the thing is that which one is important and which one are actually result achieving methods.

Content on Website

When people visit some website then the first thing they look is the overall presentation and then the content present on the website. Obviously if people are visiting your website then they are visiting it for some purpose. And if your content is good enough to provide the viewer of website with what they are looking for then you are reserving the traffic on your website. If your website is providing information about games then you have to give the appropriate information and latest updates on the games quite popular nowadays. Creativity is the main aspect of writing the good article.

There is another concept of writing SEO articles that helps in increasing the range of page or website. In these articles you write some certain selected keywords in some quantity. The actual idea behind this is that with relevant to any topic you thought of the possible words that user will look for and then you write those words in the article in a certain quantity maintain the natural flow for the reading.


Backlinks are the links that are directed towards your website from some other websites. The importance of backlinks matters with respect to the search engine search. Not only to have backlinks is important but it is the quantity of the backlinks that matters. Backlinks if are present on the websites that are related to your website content then they are considered of high quality otherwise they cannot contribute to the quality of your website.

There is one precaution that you must deal with best care. If you are having multiple linkings of website on the same IP address then it is not good for your results because search engine will be fishy about too many links. This procedure is generally called as backlink bombing. One to two links on one IP address wouldn’t be a problem but more than that may cause some problem for you.

Website Layout Techniques

When you are aware of or involved in some kind of web development then there are some techniques that can help you build the rank of your page or website with some small arrangements. The first thing one must be careful about is title of web pages. In the designing of the web pages there is a tag for title in which you give title to your page that appears on the top of every page. For increasing the rank of your website you must give each page of your website a unique title. If you give the same title to each and every page then it is not considered as a good rank in search engines searches.

There is another tag in the webpage that is called as Meta tag. In this tag you give description about your page or what’s the central idea of your page. Search engines like Google used these Meta tags for searching some kind of relevant information. Another good idea is the use of search engines optimization keywords in the Meta tag.


Sitemap is the page associated with the website that provides the details of the web pages that are present on the website. The page describes the links of all the pages of a website in a hierarchical fashion. The sitemap is useful in helping the users for finding the relevant pages and also for search engine optimizations. They are helpful in the descriptive linking of pages. The important thing is the use of text links in web pages helpful for increasing the rank of page.

Some Precautions

There are many links software that are claiming you to provide the increased traffic on your website but there are some things that one must have knowledge and must be careful about. The traffic can be analyzed in the form of three terms. These terms are hit, page impression and visit. In hit all page elements are counted means images on a webpage, video on a webpage and table. So if a user visit a page and the traffic of a website are presented in the form of hits then definitely visit of one user will present a large traffic. This is not a good idea as it will show you a large traffic but that is not reality. Other one is page impression that contributes in the traffic of your website on the basis of viewing a single page. That is quite better than hits idea. Third one is called as visit that contributes to the traffic if user stays on a website for certain period of time. Definitely visit is somewhat difficult to achieve but once achieved will be a good bonus to your website traffic. So, when monitoring the traffic of your website you must be careful about the methods that are presenting the traffic analysis of your website.

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    To get targeted traffic visitors to my website and blogs,I use facebook,twitter,and most of all
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    i would like to know more about getting more traffic and building my site properly.

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