How to Start a Business

Starting a business can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be. It can be online or out in the wide world what ever works for you.

Everyone knows that getting a job in this day and age is almost impossibility so that all the more reason to think about starting your own business.

Which ever way you look there are opportunities out there just waiting for you.   I am not talking about having loads of money to get started, that’s not an option at the moment as most unemployed people don’t have money to spend out on a business, these are just simple and easy ideas to get you on the road to making some money.

One simple idea is dog walking, yes you have heard that before and many people are making a living from it.  People spend fortunes looking after their dogs; many people class them as their best friends and will do anything to keep them happy.

Millions of people who have dogs don’t always have the time to take them for daily walks and many people worry about that.  Older people often find it difficult and can’t take them for walks but they love their dogs too much to give them up.

How to start your dog walking business is easy. Start by having some business cards printed, you can get these in many supermarkets and they are quite cheap. Just leave them in any place you go including the supermarket notice boards.

Have them placed in shop windows where many have notice boards, in doctor’s surgeries and hospitals, in fact any place where people visit.

Build a website on the internet. It doesn’t need to be a big one just one or two pages advertising your service, you can do one or two articles about pets and place a phone number and the areas you will cover.

Charging for your services should not be difficult, simply phone another number that advertises dog walking services and enquire about their rates as people probably do when they want their dog walking you can then decide what you think is a fair price to charge.

(2)   Another easy business idea is window cleaning. It is almost impossible to find a window cleaner these days.  With so many people out of work it seems a heaven sent opportunity.   All that is required to start a window cleaning round is a set of ladders, a bucket and some cleaning leathers, of course a van would be useful but if it was a local round it could be managed without a van, At fifteen pounds or more per three bed roomed house that’s not bad.

(3)   Gardening is usually a seasonal job unless you are a professional gardener, but there are thousands and thousands of elderly people who would willingly pay for someone to keep their garden tidy. You don’t have to be an expert to mow a lawn or remove weeds, and if you find you enjoy gardening then why not enrol in your nearest college for evening classes, just check out their curriculum  to see if they have the courses.  If you are unemployed it is usually free.

(4)  There are numerous auction sites on the internet some charge and some are free, so you have anything to sell head right over to one.  It is a true fact that if you have something that you think is junk someone out there will be looking for it. Visit car boot sales and charity shops you can often buy something worth selling for a few shillings and make a profit on it.

(5) If you have nothing better to do then just type competitions into google, there are hundreds of free competitions on the internet where you can win cars, cash, and almost anything you desire. And contrary to what you might think every one of these competitions does have a winner and it could be you.

If you do decide to have a go with competitions then don’t give up, if you get no where with in your first month, keep at it and slowly but surely you will find the gods smiling on you.

(6)  There are many programs on the internet where you can join as an affiliate, this means you are working for the program you join and they will pay you for results you bring in, or you can build your own website, if you look around you will find plenty of websites that let you do this free, you can then use the website for any business you want to start.

Look on the internet and see what others are doing to earn money you can do that too, so keep  looking if you want to make money.

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