HowToee Pillar Article Contest Is an Exceptional Opportunity for You

I have already talked about the strength of pillar articles here. Make sure to read that article and once you’ve realized how strong and effective pillar articles can be, start writing at least one pillar article for your online business and website.

In this article, I’m focusing more on the way that your pillar articles will be published on HowToee and why that offers distinct advantages to you. Then I will offer a suggestion as to how you can actually have your pillar articles written for you.

Let’s say you have an offline wedding photography business and at the same time you’ve created a website for it—and you are busy trying to promote that business online; or your business is solely an online business, offering services such as search engine optimization, web designing, internet marketing, etc . . .

The great part: any type of business can be promoted through article marketing, and pillar articles are the very best way to do this.

Pillar Articles Advantages:

It may take a few hours to write a pillar article. If you cannot do it, you can hire a freelance writer to do it for you for a small fee. Here’s where things get interesting: when your article is published, it starts sending traffic to your website. This process continues and will never stop:

  1. Search engines will rank your article and will send traffic to it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (In this article I have explained why search engines rank pillar articles higher.) Not only that, as your article becomes more popular (people read and spend time on it and bookmark it, other websites link to it, readers leave comments on it), it will achieve a higher ranking (with more keywords/phrases) and this ultimately means it will receive more traffic from the search engines. Traffic is money and free traffic is net profit. :)
  2. An informative and helpful article will be bookmarked and shared on FaceBook and Twitter . . . and by almost everybody who reads it. This means more and more free traffic from social bookmarking sites.
  3. An informative and helpful article will be linked from many other websites and forums. Bottom Line? This means more traffic to your website and more customers and referrals for your business.

Where to Publish Your Pillar Articles:

You can write and publish pillar articles just about anywhere but is that really your best option? If you post your articles at the article directories you have wasted your time and your money (if you paid others to write articles for you) because you will receive a very limited amount of traffic for a limited time. Article directories publish many articles each day and your article will be buried under the new articles very soon. Also, search engines do no assign as high a ranking to articles posted at article directories because there are thousands of freelance writers and submitters who spam article directories with article upon article upon article . . . (you get the idea). Trust has pretty much been lost. The more sophisticated search engines become, the less credit they assign to article directory content. Nowadays, I rarely see any pages from the article directories ranked on the search engines’ first pages for the related keywords.

HowToee Is the Best Place for Your Pillar Articles:

  • HowToee is not an article directory that spammers can submit duplicated articles to in bulk.
  • HowToee is a shared and public blog and its content is 100% unique. It is just the type of site that search engines love to index and rank.

HowToee offers something that other sites do not. HowToee actually SENDS TRAFFIC to your articles . . .

Above all, your articles will be treated differently on HowToee. No article will become buried under the new articles on HowToee, because our system refreshes all articles and brings them to the beginning of the list from time to time. Now, here’s where things get really exciting: your pillar articles will be linked from all the other on-topic articles at HowToee whether they’ve been posted in the past or they become posted in future. This is something you never see on other websites such as the article directories. If you write an informative and helpful pillar article about a subject, the other on-topic articles will be linked to it through all the related keywords/phrases.

This will cause your articles to be . . .

  1. ranked by the search engines, and only higher over time
  2. receive more traffic from other pages every day
  3. become known and referenced by more and more people, receiving more backlinks and bookmarks over time.

Therefore, your pillar articles will work like an efficient, non-stop marketing machine for you and for your business forever. That is why I said that the “HowToee Pillar Article Contest Is an Exceptional Opportunity for You.” Click Here to learn more about article marketing and pillar articles.

Do You Have any Problems Writing Pillar Articles?

Writing pillar articles is not easy. Or, it might be more accurate to say that while it is relatively easy for some, it is not something that everybody wants to do. Some people are not writers and it is a challenge for them to write longer pillar articles. (I believe, however, if they get started and push themselves to write, they can master it. It may be hard to start but many who make the effort, fall in love with writing.) But . . .

If writing pillar articles is not something you feel like doing, you can pay someone to do it for you. Here at HowToee, we know of good writers who are able to write informative and strong pillar articles about anything. It costs $95 to order a 7000+ word pillar article. If you are interested, contact us and let us know about the topic/topics you want your pillar article to be written about. We will reply and will send you our PayPal email address. When the payment is made, our writers will start writing your pillar article and it will be done within 2-3 business days. $95 is a very low fee to benefit from the countless and non-stop advantages that a pillar article will give you.

Please note that HowToee does not make any money from your orders. The money you pay will be paid to the writers. All of it. When the project is done and your article is ready, we will let you know. You will then sign up for an account and the article will be published on HowToee under your own name and profile. Like the other contributors, you will have your AdSense ads on your article pages and your website link in your biographical info. It is highly recommended that you reply to reader comments precisely and carefully. This strongly promotes your article/articles and your profile and will drive more customers to you.

Click Here to let us know about your project before our writers become too busy to accept new projects.

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  1. Patrick says:

    When will the contest end? I have an article right now but I am not yet finished with it. I hope that I will still make it.

  2. LeeOnna Sanchez says:

    I saw somewhere on here that you can add your google analytics code to chart traffic your articles get. Where was it again? I would like to add it so I can see the performance of my articles :-)

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