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I have written this article, because I am starting to change my priorities. I am starting to think that howtoee has more potential to make me money online. I have also written this so that you can set your priorities too, if you are in the same boat as I am.

1. Limitations

There are a lot of limitations in everything when you join howtoee just like in any other money making site. The only thing that you could really do in howtoee is to write articles for them. The situation is very different when you have your own blog. When you have your own blog, you have full control of everything. You can change the design of the website. You can change the feel or the vibe of the website. You can add gadgets, more pages, more features, or anything you want because you have full control of everything. This will be a big plus point to ” own blog ” if you are a great web designer. You do not actually have to be a professional to design a great site. You just need to know what to use and what not to use. The problem with some bloggers is that they just put everything in their site so their blog ends up filled with so much junk. If you are one of these bloggers, the point goes to howtoee. If you cannot make it look great and function well like a professional blog, it would be better to leave it to the real professionals.

2. Rules

When you have your own blog, you make the rules. You have freedom. In howtoee, you are under martial law. There are lots of rules in howtoee and as a member of it, you need to follow all of them. In addition to that, they can change the rules whenever they want even without notification. If you have disobeyed them, you will be penalized even without knowing the cause. The worst thing is that they can ban you from howtoee whenever they want even if you did not disobey any of the rules. It is their website and they have all the power. Follow or say goodbye.

3. Quality of Content

The quality of the website is mostly affected by the owners of the website. I think that howtoee wins in this category because they have set a high standard for themselves. Articles need to be at least 800 words, they should be unique, and they should belong to the categories that howtoee supports. If you are going to write articles on your own blog, the quality of the article will mostly be affected by your mood. You might be in the mood to write great articles in an hour and you might be in the mood to just write anything that pops in your mind later. The reputation of your blog will be in jeopardy. There are only a few serious bloggers out there who have set a high standard for their blogs. The big percentage of bloggers only consider their blogs as diaries and write about what they ate last night or what they did with their friends. Howtoee wins this category.

4. Monetization

There are currently on two ways to make money with howtoee. One is by getting paid for your articles and the other one is by using Google Adsense. They pay $5 for all articles and you get 100% revenue generated from Google Adsense. This is surely a dream come true for you but it is not for other people like me who have banned Google Adsense accounts. We would only earn by writing articles for howtoee unlike you would earn forever by writing a single article. This is not really a good offer to people like me because there are buyers out there which are willing to pay more for quality articles. There is a higher chance that we will earn more with our own blogs by joining other ad networks, selling affiliate products, selling own products, doing sponsored reviews and many more. You have much more ways to earn money with your own blog than with howtoee. Unless they provide other ad networks and affiliate programs, I am sure that ” own blog ” is the winner in this category. Even if they add other ad networks, there are still much more opportunities with your own blog than in any other site in the internet including howtoee.

5. Article Traffic

There is a higher chance that your articles will get more traffic in howtoee than with your blog. Howtoee is a site which is already gaining popularity and there aren`t thousands of revenue sharing sites in the internet. They have much less competition. Your own blog on the other hand competes with millions of other blogs which is in the same niche as you. It is hard to get noticed in a crowd much more if you are in a bigger crowd wherein all of you almost look the same.

6. Internet Marketing

Howtoee does everything for you. You just need to write a great 800 word article and you do not need to do extra work or worry about anything at all. In your own blog, you do the writing, the marketing, and everything. It is very time consuming and stressful.

7. Tips & Advice

When you encounter a problem with your blog, you need to search for its cause all over the internet. After that, you need to do the same to find its solution. This is also very time consuming and very stressful especially if you cannot find what you are looking for after hours of searching. When you encounter problems with your howtoee articles or anything related to howtoee, you can directly ask their support team or you could alternatively ask your fellow members for tips and advices in howtoee`s forum. You are not alone in howtoee.

After writing this article, I am still not sure what to prioritize but I am going to continue both of them for two more months to help me make my final decision. In the end, the one who wins is according to your personal preference. If you do not want to worry about anything and you just want to make a good income, you could prioritize howtoee but if you think that you are capable of being a six figure blogger, you can also prioritize your own blog. Howtoee is the sure way to make good income and blogging is the way to get very rich, generate enough income for survival, or to waste your time and effort.

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  1. Patrick says:

    I think that I am going to focus on howtoee now because I made a new Google Adsense account solely made for howtoee!

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