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How I Feel About Scams

I don’t like to receive scams from anyone online. I have got emails saying I won money and I always delete it. If they’re asking for information it should never ...

My Thoughts on Baking

When I’m on the Internet there is a lot of things that I’m not aware about. If I’m curious to know about like how to make a new dessert, I will do a search on dessert, ...
Learn to Motivate People

How to Motivate People to Take Action

 If we remember this above all else we shall avoid much of the unnecessary wheel-spinning in life: There is no excuse for effort except for action; there is no reason for action ...
An Advertising Sign on the Street

How to Use Advertising Signs Properly and Effectively

There are four main kinds of advertising signs: (a) Small advertising signs, prepared and distributed by advertisers for use inside and outside a dealer’s store, usually ...
Sell by Mail-Order

How to Sell by Mail-Order

Nature and Importance of Mail-Order Business The term “mail order” refers to that type of business in which orders are received directly from the customer by mail, without the aid ...
write a friendly letter

How to Write a Letter that Gets a Good Response

Dear Mr. Smithers: This will serve to acknowledge the receipt of your esteemed letter of the 15th instant and in reply thereto I beg to state . . . Seldom does anyone receive a letter ...
Your Future Job

What Should You Be When You Grow Up?

What should I be when I grow up? How can I reach the place in the world’s work to which I aspire? You have doubtless asked such questions of yourselves many a time. And perhaps you ...
full time job

Change Your Temporary Work to a Full Time and Permanent Job

You’d like to go into business for yourself but have no capital to in pest. . and you- don 7 want to be tied down by a full-time enterprise, since you need one or two weeks off every ...
Commercial Travellers Letters

Commercial Travellers Sample Letters

1. From a Firm, announcing a Call by its Traveller DEAR SIRS, Our Mr. H. Walters will have the pleasure of calling upon you about the 10th inst., when we hope to be favoured with your ...
Power of Words

How to Persuade People in 3 Steps

The process of persuasion is the keystone and arch upon which all civilization rests, It accounts for our orderly system of living. If this were not true, man would still be carrying ...
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