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Christmas Gifts

What Do I Want for Christmas?

I am not Christian and so my family and me do not celebrate Christmas. However, we have so many Christian friends. They come to visit us for Christmas, and we also visit them. ...

How to Reach Your Goals Easier and Faster

Whatever may be the confusions of yesterday, the uncertainties of tomorrow, or the frustrations of today, this we know to be true, we cannot accomplish anything greater than that which ...

3 Steps to Become Successful

Houdini, the greatest of all magicians, when once asked about the rabbit trick, made the remark, “There is no trick in taking a rabbit from the hat — the real trick is ever getting ...
Advertising in Newspapers and Magazines

How to Advertise in Newspapers and Magazines

Place of Publications in the Campaign Many people do not know that the money that they pay for a newspaper does not begin to cover the cost of producing it. The publishers’ profits ...
Natural Resources

How Man Has Used Natural Resources to Improve His Life

The foundation upon which every industry and occupation rests is land or some other form of the gifts of nature. The founders of this nation came to the New World because here was a ...
live rent free

Live in an Apartment Rent Free

Can you imagine that you can live in a rental apartment without paying any rent? Read the below story from someone who has been doing it, and then follow his footsteps if you are ...
Local Guidebook

How to Make Money by Publishing a Local Guidebook

Martha Williams is someone who has been able to pay her rent and many of her other expenses through creating and selling a local guidebook. Let’s listen to her story and learn ...
Make Money Hand Lettering

Start Making Money with Hand Lettering Almost for Free

Hand-lettering is easy to learn, worth money . and takes us back a little way toward the days when folks took pride in the graphic arts. Not that modem printing doesn’t have its place, ...
Good Conversation

Good Conversation Is a Two-way Deal

When two people meet, say, on a Monday morning, after brief greetings, the one who’s fastest on the uptake starts to talk. About what? Ten to one, something about himself—the fish ...
Business Letters

How to Write Professional Business Letters – Examples and Samples

ITS IMPORTANCE The importance to the man or woman employed in business of being able to write a clear, suitable letter that fulfils exactly the object for which it is written and leaves ...
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