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How Did Derby in Horse Racing Originate?

The Derby race is an annual horse race held on the famous race course at Epsom, England. Epsom is in Surrey, about fifteen miles from London, and has been noted for its races since ...
Dice and Domino Tricks

6 Dice and Domino Magic Tricks

1. The Magnetic Dice A pair of dice are placed on the table, and one die is set upon the other. When the upper die is lifted, the lower one clings to it as though magnetized. Method: ...
Coin Tricks

30 Simple and Amazing Coin Tricks

1. Match Box Coin Vanish A coin is placed in a match box; the drawer is closed an the box is shaken to show that the coin is still there. When the box is opened the co has disappeared. The ...
Cigar Magic Tricks

10 Cigar and Cigarette Magic Tricks

1. Cigar from Pocketbook A small pocketbook is opened in the left hand, and a cigar is drawn from it, although the cigar is much larger than the pocketbook. Method: Take the band off ...
What Kind of Articles Receive the Highest Amount of Traffic

What Kind of Articles Receive the Highest Amount of Traffic

When you set up a new website or blog and decide to add content to it, you might think it is just the number of pages and articles that is important and that these pages/articles will ...

How to Write at

“How to…” articles are the easiest articles to write. There are no limits for these kinds of articles. You can write about anything you are knowledgeable about or ...
card tricks

29 Simple Card Tricks for Beginners

Card tricks constitute the broadest field of impromptu magic. There are many magicians who specialize in card tricks only, and the skillful sleighs and passes that are possible with ...
the appearing ball

8 Interesting Ball Tricks

In most ball tricks performed by magician!, small wooden balls are used, and they are generally referred to as miniature billiard balls. In some tricks, golf balls may be used; in others, ...
make money as a magician

How to Become a Magician and Make Money with Magic

The purpose of my articles here at HowToee is to explain clearly, concisely, and conveniently, two hundred mystifying tricks that can be per formed by the average person. If you follow ...
Writing and Make Money

Write & Make Money!

You can write articles for HowToee and make money. You Make Money Three Ways: And it’s all . . . “good.” You earn 100% of the revenue generated from the ads published on ...
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