Released in Time for Start of New School Year: Pinnacle Studio 2.0

In June of 2012, one father stood in the aisle during the graduation ceremony for a kindergarten class. He held his iPad in the air, in order to catch on video the movements of one of the young females then on the stage. In the fall of 2012 that same young lady will be starting first grade. Her father will no doubt be taking his iPad to many more events. He will need a way to organize all of his video clips.

Fortunately, consumers now have access to Pinnacle Studio 2.0. Once called Avid Studio, that application used to cost $4.99. Now it is being made by Corel, and is being offered for free to those who request it.

Those consumers who take advantage of that offer can obtain an application that facilitates the organizing and editing of videos. That organizing and editing can be accomplished in either portrait or landscape view. However, those who have already tested this new application seem to favor the landscape view.

If a user has chosen the landscape view, then he or she simply selects the photograph, video clip, transition effect, title or song that is to be assigned a new position, or is to be edited. That photo, clip, effect, title or song must then be dragged across the screen and taken to the storyboard. The storyboard gets placed on the bottom, and serves as the location at which arrangement of material takes place.

The man or woman who has gained access to this application can accomplish a great many tasks. For example, he or she can trim a video clip. He or she can overlay on a clip a group of sound effects or some voice recordings. In addition, he or she can add to a clip some customized pen-and-zoom effects.

Each school year is apt to provide a parent with another reason for dreaming up ways to put the Pinnacle Studio 2.0 to good use. For instance, it could be that a parent would like to place voice recordings from one event over the video clip from a second big happening. The Pinnacle Studio 2.0 makes that possible.

Naturally, a proud parent will not feel content just viewing a video over and over again. That mother or father will almost certainly want to share it with friends and relatives. The Pinnacle Studio 2.0 allows that desire to be satisfied with ease.

That video clip can be placed on Facebook, or sent by email to a designated online location. It can also be shared on YouTube. Moreover, a truly impressive or funny clip does not have to be tucked away, in a spot where it is sure to be forgotten. Instead, it can be stored in a fitting fashion.

Using Pinnacle Studio, a parent or grandparent can put a clip in a video file. By the same token, he or she can store such a clip in the Pinnacle Studio for PC. In addition, that proud parent/grandparent can consider using a third option. That entails utilization of the cloud.

After organizing and editing one or more video clips, the man or woman who has completed that project does not have to lose sleep, while worrying about how it has been stored. He or she can store it in the cloud. That action has been made possible by a component that serves as support for Box. Armed with that support, the user of Pinnacle Studio 2.0 can sleep soundly, knowing that any project has been stored safely.

All such details are good news for a man like the father who stood in the aisle with an iPad in the air, as his daughter graduated from kindergarten. That daughter will be taking part in many more ceremonies during the next twelve plus years. Her father is sure to want to have video clips from each of them. He could use a good way for organizing and editing those clips.

Moreover, that same father has other, younger children. He will be attending their graduation ceremonies as well. At each ceremony he will enjoy the opportunity to capture an interesting sound or to zoom in on some object. Armed with Pinnacle Studio 2.0, he will have a chance to overlay a clip with a sound effect, or customize a clip with pen-and-zoom effects.

Any such editing can be used to create a video that is well worth saving. Then that same edited piece can be shared with others or stored in a safe location. It can be made available to all who care to view it, now or in the future.

Perhaps Corel plans to create some applications that will complement Pinnacle Studio 2.0. One reviewer has suggested that such a plan could explain the no-cost nature of the existing application. Without a doubt, parents will welcome the chance to pay for updated applications in the coming months and years.

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