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A browser based web-game coded in Java has developed over the years. Not only has Runescape evolved, but it has become an intense mmorpg for anyone to play. Enjoying a massive 100+ worlds to play on, based on your country, minigame, or other type of play, including PvP, RPG, and others. The login is simple as putting your email and password. However, Jagex the creator of Runescape have made numerous ways to keep your account secured and safe. Now you are present within the lobby which you can login to any world, join friends chat or clan chat, message a friend, and change your settings.

So, let’s get into the actual game. When Runescape first started its graphics and gameplay was very ameteur, but as the years progressed, and Runescape 2 was produced. With that, the design and layout of Runescape increased heavily giving it a newer look and more professional. Presently, the graphics of Runescape are amazingly high detail for a Java coded game on the web. They update significantly often and provide players with many things to do within the game. There are 25 amazing skills to train up to level 99 with respect to dungeoneering, which can be maxed at level 120. There are many skills that you can use just to make money and play casually, however there are attacking based skills that help with quests and getting to certain areas. Upon increase of your levels, you can use better weapons and armor giving you the advantage over someone else who may not have those items.  Money is a colossal part of the game, and like real-life, it is required for you to excel in Runescape. On the other hand, you don’t need to have money to have fun necessarily, as there are tons of minigames to go around. Runescape gives you years of play time with a members account. The types of gameplay for Runescape are limitless based on your personality. One downside is that the wealth within the game is not really anything accomplishing anymore, because now 10m 5 years ago is equal to 100m. The reason of value decrease in gold is due to dicing and other gambling methods, which have made people very rich. In addition, the botting and macroing situation within Runescape continues. Even though they got rid of many bots, bots will never become extinct. They do have a huge effect of Runescape’s economy, in positive and negative ways. Though I do not mind them, Jagex and other players despise the botters. Another thing that bothers the creators is Real World Trading (RWT). People sell and buy gold on a daily, and not just a small amount, massive orders are taken. Sellers make a lot of money, and buyers do a lot with the money and make Runescape wealthier as a whole.

Armor and weapons are really cool in Runescape, and there are so many accessories to equip your character with. Many items come with skill requirements, and quest requirements. Other equipment will come from quests or skills such as dungeoneering. With 85 dungeoneering you can buy and use a chaotic weapon which is very powerful and are definitely worth the time. You have a place to store your gold called a money pouch and 28 slots in your inventory to store equipment, food, potions, and anything else.

Pvp is a huge concept within Runescape and leaves people richer and others discouraged. PvP is player vs. player and players compete against each other, and whoever dies loses their items to the other player. Some players stick to melee while others use Range/Mage/Melee called a hybrid. They are very effective when battling a person using one fighting type.

Trading and the Grand Exchange is a huge part of Runescape. The ability to trade money and items with other players is a valuable tool. Besides that the grand exchange is a huge commerce area where you can buy and sell anything almost instantly. When you need something, the grand exchange is the place to go. Weapons, Armor, and supplies are hugely exchanged throughout the Ge. Prices are set based on demand and supply, just like a real economy, but normally the item is sold at market-clearing price.

Ultimately, Runescape is an exhilarating game to play at your leisure time. It has many things to do within the game, and has an ongoing story line. It fits anyone’s style of play and doesn’t take a long time to start feeling accomplished. Don’t be afraid to dive into the $8.00 per month membership which is a small fee compared to the things you can do in-game. Even though, it may take a while to start doing some hard bosses, there is definitely a plus in having the membership on your account. With all that in mind, Runescape won’t disappoint you and it will leave you with a smile on your face.

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