Sandboxie – End Computer Virus and Malware Infections in 10 Minutes

If you really want to accomplish something very specific, you have to focus on that one thing for a sustained period of time. Any other approach will take you down the long road to nowhere.  This applies equally to the millions of computer users worldwide who seem to have a never-ending stream of problems with viruses and malware. In the process of researching ways to make my computer run free from the constant flood of viruses, Trojans, worms, and spyware, I came across something that could make your life easier too.  Let me introduce you to this amazing piece of software.

Sandboxie is freeware. It is designed to create a transparent buffer between your computer hard drive and any program you run, especially if you are connected to the Internet. As you know, dozens, if not hundreds of vulnerability are discovered on your Windows-based operating system all the time. The only way to really block these vulnerabilities is to buy expensive anti-malware software in addition to the anti-virus software you may already be using. But there is one more way to find out if your computer is affected by these malicious scripts.  You will find out when you are either locked out of your own computer, or your computer is already leaking private information to a hacker somewhere in another country, and you receive a phone call revealing that your identity has been compromised.

You can end most of these nightmares with Sandboxie.  You can download this free software, install it, and then run all your programs through the software.  So instead of just clicking on your Internet Explorer icon the next time you want to go to a website, you can run sandboxie first, then access Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome through the Sandboxie.  This nifty piece of software will now protect your windows Operating system from anything you download, and let me tell you something, there are some nasty programs out there waiting to infect your computer.

Once you are through with your Internet session, your Sandboxie will erase everything that is not needed, leaving your computer without altered registry, hidden Trojans in your temp folder, or viruses waiting in your email account and ready to blast fictitious messages to your email contacts.  I’ve seen it happen, so I am writing from experience.

The major difference between Sandboxie and other Anti-malware software that you can install today, is the way Sandboxe works.  Most  competing software will wait in memory, looking for software that it is programmed to recognize and erase or alert you about. Many anti-malware scripts will get this right most of the times, but sometimes these malicious programs will slip through, and an unsafe browser will install it onto your hard drive without your knowledge. This can happen in a flash.

Sandboxie on the other hand, sits between your hard drive and the Internet.  It does not allow programs to access hard disks and the registry directly, but as it blends into the operating system of your computer, it uses this relationship to access these components of your computer system on behalf of all programs being executed, such as adobe scripts, and most applications.  If you do not already have key-loggers installed on your computer, Sandboxie will prevent new ones from affecting your, if you will remember to run your applications through Sandboxie. Key-loggers are scripts that capture what you type on your computer keyboard, and send this information to the people who installed them in the first place.

Cyber security is a big concern right now, especially when it has been reported that several classes of spyware scripts that have been mandated for sale only to governments of various countries  are being used to pursue political dissidents and other  so-called enemies of certain dubious governments. The more protection your can muster, the better off you will be. Sandboxie also takes measures to prevent programs that are executing inside the sandbox from hijacking programs not running within sandboxie and using them as a tools to operate outside the sandbox.

If you at all familiar with the way hackers work, you will recall that one of their favorite tools is to hijack computers of unsuspecting consumers all over the world,  then use these computers to accomplish their dirty deeds, such as launching DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service Attacks) on specific servers.  Sanboxie will help you to immunize your computer against this type of dirty-dealing in cyberspace.

Finally, Sandboxie is not flawless. It has to be updated from time to time, in order to ensure that its system of protection is current and effective.  One thing you can do to ensure your own protection is to customize the settings in your current Internet browser to give yourself more control over how your Internet browser works.  This however will be the content of another article in this series. The creators of Sandboxie  software encourage users to keep their other anti-spyware or anti-malware programs running on their computers so that they can work in tandem with Sandboxie for even better protection. However, from my experience, Sandboxie is easy to install and activate, and if it works as described, it will truly  end your computer virus and malware infections in about 10 minutes from now.

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