Where to Snag Creative Ideas for Blog Posts

Don’t use the lamest excuse in the blogging book. You have unlimited blog post ideas at your disposal now. Yep, the idea that you have no ideas is silly in a Universe of abundance. The only limits which exist are in your mind. You can access unlimited ideas in a moment’s notice if you accept the idea that your only block is in the creativity department. Once you feel more creative the ideas flow to you with alarming ease.

Ever wonder how prolific people do it? How do they churn out post after post, or shoot video after video, or create product after product? These folks simply decide to be prolific. They make a decision and proceed to create no matter what. As a blogger you can become as prolific as anybody in your niche. You must decide to drive forward and create no matter what to set the foundation for an abundant, creative mindset. Hold the intent to create and ideas are yours. You never lack for inspiration.

Follow top shelf bloggers. What are these individuals writing about? Cover these topics in great detail, or delve into sub topics within these posts for a few creative ideas. The top bloggers post about important, relevant topics in their respective niches. By following the pros you can generate 1 to 5, or even 10 blog post ideas from a single post. You can cover the topic itself, expanding on the subject line, or you can drill down a section of the post, expanding the idea and generating a post of your own.
As you create more persistently you tend to attract blog post ideas with greater ease. Creating becomes a habit, and generating creative ideas becomes a habit. You know all of a sudden where to look for ideas and revisit these locations, never running short of creative, prospering ideas for blog posts. The flow of creative ideas hits you continually. It’s up to you to be open to these ideas.

Read Blogs

Reading blogs can provide you with an unending stream of creative ideas. Read authority blogs from multiple niches. Learn from the best. You never lack for blog post ideas if you are willing to place a number of blogs in your Google Reader and follow these blogs daily. Never miss a post. Watch how the pros do it. Gain inspiration from the best bloggers in your niche, or from any niche. You can extract unlimited creative ideas from simply following top shelf blogs persistently.

Take a Walk

Stepping away from the computer helps you tap into creativity quickly. Why? If you feel like you have run out of ideas you simply hold a block to creative ideas in that moment. Pulling back from your blogging duties – or from the internet in general – helps you dissolve this block. Then creative ideas flow in with ease. You can achieve much more by taking extended breaks when you feel stressed about creating blog post ideas. All super creative people stress how important it is to take breaks, to pull back from your work, to allow creative ideas to hit you.

Force negates. When you lack inspiration trying too darn hard to write a post only creates more force, which blocks ideas, which creates more force, blocks, more ideas, and so on. Pull back. Relax. Your best ideas hit you when you aren’t looking for them.

Join Social Groups

LinkedIn and Facebook Groups related to your niche contain unending blog post ideas. Listen to the problems of your friends. Observe chatter on status updates and in comment fields. By observing the chatter of your buddies you can generate targeted, helpful content, addressing the problems of your fellow online cyber buddies. Listen persistently. You can address problems with your posts or you can inspire, tuning into the dreams of your fellow LinkedIn networkers and Facebook friends.


Recycle does not mean copying old posts. Recycle does not mean republishing old posts. Go back to old posts, re-read and expound on portions of these posts. Or maybe you can approach the topic from a different angle. Your skills set has likely expanded significantly since you last wrote the post. Show off your new knowledge, providing a timely, helpful approach to solving problems with your new insights.

Recycled posts need to be evergreen. People want the latest and greatest information. Don’t recycle outright, unless you want to alienate your audience. All content on your blog needs to be unique.

Where to Snag Blog Post Ideas – Summary

Read blogs from your niche, or from different niches. Gain inspiration from fellow bloggers. Expound on their posts. Take a walk. Step away from the computer to dissolve blocks to creativity. As you pull back and relax, you can attract blog post ideas with greater ease. Join social groups on Facebook and LinkedIn to listen in to the problems, hopes, concerns and dreams of your friends. Tune in, listen, and prosper as you attract unlimited blog post ideas. Recycle old posts. Of course each post needs to be evergreen so add your new found knowledge to an old topic. Take the subject, analyze it with your current perspective and approach the topic from a different angle. Use these tips to snag blog post ideas and prosper online.

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