Write & Make Money!

You can write articles for HowToee and make money.

You Make Money Three Ways:

And it’s all . . . “good.”

  • You earn 100% of the revenue generated from the ads published on your article pages, for good. We absolutely have NO share from the ads published on your article pages. Additionally, all authors, including you, have an equal share from the ads published on the home page.
  • Your site/blog and also your Google+, FaceBook and… links appear at the bottom of each of your articles and also on your author page, which means you receive traffic from HowToee, for good.
  • Your pillar articles will occupy the best spots on HowToee (learn more here and here.)

Google AdSense ads appear in different places on the HowToee site, including the home page and article pages that are the most popular pages of the site. Our system displays your AdSense ads 100% of the time that your article pages are visited. Also, on the home page, all authors’ AdSense ads will be displayed randomly and in turn. If someone clicks on your ads, you earn money. The money will be deposited in your AdSense account and Google pays you every month.

In the future, we will also add Amazon, eBay and other revenue-generating advertising to the site and you will earn money through all of these.

Your articles will be kept on HowToee for good, which means you’ll continue to earn money from them forever, even if you stop writing. If you keep on writing, and you write a couple of “How to . . .” articles each day, you will add to your income. It’s simple: the more you write, the more you earn. Because we are serious about and actively promote the site, HowToee will become very popular. Participate and share in the revenue generated from our readers. It’s a win-win scenario: You write articles and we drive traffic to your articles.

How Do We Make Money?

Good question! We publish our own articles on HowToee, too, and thus we make money through the ads published on our article pages. We opted NOT to have any share from the ads published on your articles, because unlike the other sites, HowToee has been created based on a different philosophy. HowToee was designed to become a place of trust and hope for those who want to work and generate income online. The joy of working towards such a goal is more important to us, than making money.

Why Is HowToee Different and Why Should You Write at HowToee?

That is the million dollar question. Why HowToee?

HowToee is simply a win . . . win . . . win . . . opportunity for you:

  1. Your articles will make money for you, through ads that appear on your pages and through links you’ll include that point to your websites/blogs.
  2. Your articles will keep on making money for you.
  3. Your strongest and best articles (pillar articles) will be linked to from all other on-topic articles at HowToee, through related keywords/phrases. Learn more about our innovative, built-in system for sending ongoing traffic to pillar articles here.
  4. Your articles will NOT be buried under newer articles. HowToee always renews older articles, which exposes them to website traffic so they continue to attract readers and generate clicks. This means your articles will never become outdated, buried and forgotten.
  5. You do not have to be worried about promoting your articles. We do it for you! Your articles will receive an unlimited number of clicks from the search engines, from social bookmarking sites, forums and other sites/blogs forever. We know how to do it, because we have over 15 years experience in programming, web designing, advertising and online marketing.
  6. We’ll be adding new advertising to HowToee: Chitika, Amazon, eBay and ClickBank. These will generate additional revenue so that you earn even more!

What Does All This Mean for You?

Each of your articles will serve as a “money-making machine,” working away in the background for you. This is what sets HowToee apart.

What Can You Write About?

You can write about anything.

Your Articles Have to Be…

  • 100% original and unique. Articles that have already been published on other sites will not be approved.
  • Detailed and helpful for readers, minimum 500 words. Do not write just for the sake of writing something and putting it on our site. HowToee should not be used as an article directory, solely for the purpose of promoting your websites and links. You should write to teach something useful to others. Your efforts will pay off because you’ll earn money through the ads on your pages and your website link will appear at the bottom of your articles.

You Understand That…

  • The articles published on HowToee cannot be published anywhere else. Why?This protects both you and HowToee. Duplicated content does not fare well with the search engines and you are really no further ahead. When an article is published on HowToee, search engines track it as originating at HowToee—because it was published first on HowToee, not on any other website/blog. If you publish this article anywhere else (for example, on your own website or at an article directory), it will be categorized as duplicate content, “borrowed” from HowToee, even if the article was written by you. Articles that stay here at HowToee will keep on making money for you and generating traffic from clicks on your links forever. If you write articles for the purpose of article marketing or to improve your online presence at other sites, forget about publishing these same articles on your own sites or on any other site, because you dilute their effect by duplicating them. Search engines can “sniff out” copycat articles.
  • We reserve the right to approve/disapprove, edit (as deemed necessary) and keep or remove articles. We reserve the right to approve/remove writer accounts.
  • You cannot promote affiliate links, adult and illegal websites in your articles.
  • Violators will be banned permanently.

Are You Ready to Start?

  1. Sign up for an account for free.
  2. Login to your account and click on “My Advertising” at the top left side of the page, and enter your Google Adsense Publisher ID.
  3. Start writing.

Read More About Writing for HowToee:

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132 Responses:

  1. Stephanie Mcintosh says:

    Hi there i am intreasted in this and would like to know more.

    Kind regards

  2. pradeep phatak says:

    i did not understand how to submit my article & how long it should be.

  3. farheez says:

    hello ! can i post ads here?

  4. Aaron Johanson says:

    How exactly do I receive money? To be more specific, how do I go from writing articles to holding the money in my hands?

  5. Rosey Smith says:

    I don’t have google adsense ID but I have a blog so how can I earn money from my article..? Can I write article of my blog?

  6. roseysmith says:

    Hi ! Actually I want to say that google had disapproved my Adsense account as it has changed its policies. And I also want to ask that can I write articles already I wrote for my blog?

    • HowToee Guy says:

      Yes, they disapprove the applications from some special countries. You can sill write and make money through so many other ways. You can monetize your blog with “on topic” affiliate links and drive traffic to your blog through the articles you write for HowToee and maybe other sites. There is no reason to disappoint.

  7. Michael says:

    HowToee guy,

    Hey, I gotta say this looks very viable as a residual payment writing site and the fact that you have incentives for serious, professional writers is always a plus.

    My questions are simple: Do you have an affiliate program in place? If so, what do I need to do to become an affiliate?

    I am signing up for the site after I post this, so I will be in the system. I should have at least two ‘How tos..’ up by tomorrow, so I will be an active member.

    Anyways, if you can drop a link to the affiliate information or simply answer it here, it would be greatly appreciated.


  8. Mykel says:

    Hi HowToee Guy! I am excited about the content of this page, and i must say am down with the idea, but i am a Nigeria, and ii dont have a Google Adsense account, i dont think it is approved for my country. What other suggestions or advice can you give me on writing for HowToee and making money as well. I really need to know!!!

    • HowToee Guy says:


      You can sill write and make money through so many other ways. You can monetize your blog with “on topic” affiliate links and drive traffic to your blog through the articles you write for HowToee and maybe other sites. There is no reason to disappoint.

  9. Aparajita says:

    Hi! This does seem fun! How do I join this site?

  10. sheena says:

    hi i just wanna ask if what will happen to my article that i wrote because sad to say the google adsense had not approve me. can i still write more article and ear money? thanks

    • HowToee Guy says:

      Hi, You can sign up for a blogspot blog and run your own blog and then re-apply for adsense again using your blogspot blog URL. It is possible they approve your application. If not, you can sill write and make money through so many other ways. You can monetize your blog with “on topic” affiliate links and drive traffic to your blog through the articles you write for HowToee and maybe other sites. There is no reason to disappoint.

  11. John Smith says:

    If I write, and put my own google adsense adverts up, I’ll get the revenue from the whole page, or just sections?

  12. Missy says:


    other than through adsense how else will one get paid?

    • HowToee Guy says:


      1. We choose some good writers selectively and will pay them for the articles they post.
      2. You can monetize your site/blog with “on topic” affiliate links and drive traffic to your blog through the articles you write at HowToee.

  13. Cindy says:

    Hi HowToee Guy,

    Thank you for your fast reply. So it sounds like we need to post some articles first, and it’s up to you, or chance, whether you see them and offer payment, is that correct? How much is the payment for the articles that you choose to pay?

    Thank you again for the clarification.

    Best wishes,

    • HowToee Guy says:

      You are welcome.

      You need to submit at least one article. Currently, we pay $5 for each article published on HowToee.

      • Raaman says:

        Paying $5 for each article is definitely a very good idea especially for people for whom Google has rejected Adsense. However, I would suggest instead of paying an upfront payment of just $5 for a lengthy article of 800 words, if you pay them (that is those “miserables” who are denied adsense by Google) based on the page views of their articles, the poor article writers can earn some residual income for the time and energy they put in (shall I say wasted?!) in creating an article of 800 words! And I think for this, you can easily make provision from the site’s adsense “earnings”. I also wish and suggest that the page views each article receives should be shown somewhere close to the article title along with the author’s photo and the number of articles to their credit. Please think it over and do the needful. thank you.

        • Hi Raaman,
          I am sorry for those who have lost their Adsense accounts. We will add other resources of income like Chitika, Amazon, eBay and… that benefits everybody including those who have no adsense account. Paying for the article impression doesn’t make sense at all because the first question is how much each impression is worth. And the other thing is that how we can prevent the fake and scam impressions. It is not easy to implement such a thing, at least for now.
          Regarding the page view, you can easily track your HowToee article pages traffic through Google Analytics by entering your Google Analytics Tracking ID here: http://www.howtoee.com/wp-admin/index.php?page=author-advertising

  14. Cindy says:

    Oh okay, thank you so much for your honest clarification. We’ll think about it! You’ve got a great service here.

    Best wishes,

  15. fyyonn says:

    Great site, I got the site info from another blogger and I am glad to have registered. This site is well linked and I like the layout and detail that has gone into it.

  16. Jena Isle says:


    I am interested but I am just wondering if you would be following the steps of one site, I won’t mention the name, which allowed free sign up but when there were many writers already, with many articles, they suddenly said that writers from this so and so country were not welcome anymore, and of course, the articles of these writers remained with them for life. They earn from the hard work of other people.

    I hope you don’t mind my candidness. Thanks for any response on this.

    • HowToee Guy says:

      Hi Jena,
      Thank you for your comment. No, we are not here to cheat people and make money from their hard work. There is no reason to prevent anybody from any country, neither now, nor in future. This site will remain the same for anybody for good.
      Please consider that there is no other site that offers 100% of the money that comes out of the writers adsense ads, and at the same time allows the writers to promote their own links in their byline. We wanted to have something different, and obviously we have already done that.

      • Patrick Isaac says:

        Will you have the 100% adsense forever on or would you change it to maybe 75% ,80%, or 90% after maybe 2 years? Because howtoee would not be considered as a revenue sharing site then. It would be a revenue giving, article promoter, and backlink giving site which is a lose-win situation and howtoee will be in the losing team.

  17. Nisha says:


    I read all the info and have one quick question. Other than pillar articles, how long should the usual How To article be? (i.e. how many words).

    Interesting idea you have here – I hope it takes off! :)

  18. Good advice for an online business starter, keep it coming.

  19. Sheila says:

    1. What kind of traffic are you getting?
    2. What kind of traffic does the average article receive?
    3. Are you or will you be marketing this site, or are you just trying to see if it takes off?


    • HowToee Guy says:

      1. HowToee receives traffic from the search engines, forums, social bookmarking sites, and other websites and blogs.
      2. It is impossible to answer this question. The traffic that each article receives is dependent on the topic, and so the keywords/phrases that they are focused on, and also the popularity of the subject among people (the number of “likes” each article will receive).
      3. We are promoting the site and we will keep on doing it, because we do know that it will take off and it does worth to spend time and money on it.

      • Sheila says:

        Thanks – by what kind, I think I’m more interested in ‘how much’ traffic you are getting. ??
        Do you have some numbers – unique page views to your home page for example? And maybe to a few other popular articles within your site? Numbers are helpful in determing whether to sign up or not. Thanks again.

        • HowToee Guy says:

          HowToee is so new. It is still in Google sandbox, and so it doesn’t have thousands of unique visitors and page views every day. In spite of this, our traffic is becoming doubled every week, and many of our pages are on the search engines first pages now. HowToee is on the way to become one of the most popular websites. Those who have signed up so far, have never thought about the HowToee traffic, because they did know that HowToee was new. They loved to use the opportunity of having 100% ad impression, linking to their sites/blogs, FaceBook accounts/pages and… . Many of the early birds have already received a lot of traffic and business. Melody Rhodes is one of them: http://www.howtoee.com/author/athlyn/

        • Patrick Isaac says:

          What Mr Howtoee Guy is saying is true because my articles are on the first or second pages of Google

  20. Paula says:

    I write about my life and my son (a special needs child) I am interested in this job but don’t know if this is something you would be interested in?

    • HowToee Guy says:

      Hi Paula,
      That would be a perfect topic to focus on. We will create a special category for your posts and I am sure they (your posts) will attract a lot of attentions. Can’t wait to see your articles :)

      • Paula Kelwaski says:

        If you are really for real about this I think you may have made my week! i recently had to quit my job because my son’s seizures have been so bad and my boss wanted me to choose between my job and my son. I now have no way to make money, and this would really be my prayers answered.

        • HowToee Guy says:

          Hi Paula,
          Sorry to hear that you have lost your job, but there is no point to be disappointed. This is the beginning of the a new living for you. I have gone through the same thing too. You do not feel good when it happens, but then you find out that it was a good event in your life.
          HowToee is new. It is not even 3 months that it has started working. However, there are some writers who make $1-50 per day through adsense. There are so many others who not only make money through adsense, but they receive a lot of new clients through linking to their sites on their articles. If these people keep on what they have been doing so far, they can easily make over $500 per day after a year or so.

          • Paula Kelwaski says:

            am I using howtoee for my adsense or my other blog site? because it says if I use blogspot than i need to register adsense there… but i don’t know how.

            • HowToee Guy says:

              You can submit your adsense publisher ID to your HowToee account, and so your adsense ads will be published on your articles pages. You can also link to your site/blog to drive traffic to it and make money (of course your site/blog needs to have something that makes money). You can sign up for adsense for your blog at https://www.google.com/adsense/v3/signup?utm_content=nsufv1

              Then you can use the same publisher ID for your HowToee account.

              • Paula Kelwaski says:

                sorry I have so many questions! last ones I think! The posts i have already done on my site stay there right? I dont have to submit them to howtoee? and if not do I start blogging on howtoee and not my blogspot anymore? thank you so much

                • HowToee Guy says:

                  Yes, the posts you already have on your blog should stay there and they can not be published on HowToee. We have explained about the reason on this page (please read it above).
                  It is up to you if you like to fully focus on HowToee, or promote both your blog and your HowToee account at the same time. However, HowToee article pages are being ranked much stronger than the blogspot pages. The time that blogspot blogs received traffic from the search engines is over. You rarely see a blogspot page on Google first or even second page nowadays. So why should you waste your time?

  21. Carlos Botero says:

    Interesting. I already blog for hubpages.

    You say you’ve been doing this for 15 years, so I guess you can answer this simple question:

    If an article is normally known (not unknown nor popular), how many cents can it currently yield per day (or per month)?

    Other question: My native language is Spanish, but I can fluently write in English. Are you only English, or do you also accept translated versions of my own articles?

    Thanks. Your answers will enlighten us.

    • HowToee Guy says:

      Your question regarding the articles traffic/income is asked by the others and is already answered by us on this page. Please scroll up and see the answers. It is impossible to answer this question precisely. The traffic that each article receives, and so the money it will make, is dependent on the topic, and so the keywords/phrases that they are focused on, and also the popularity of the subject among people (the number of “likes” each article will receive).

      Regarding your second question, only English articles will be published on HowToee. If you translate your Spanish articles by free services like Google translator, it will not be published on HowToee because it will be filtered by our article validating software.

  22. Hi,

    I am a professional blogger from Melting Post. I just have two question, how exactly do you calculate my adsense share from a single post? Also I know adsense income can vary a lot on daily basis but based on previous numbers how much do you recon one can make from a single guest post on average?

    • HowToee Guy says:

      Hi Aliosha,
      We do not have to calculate anything. Your own 100% of the adsense impressions on your own articles.
      It is impossible to predict the amount of the money that each article can make. The traffic that each article receives, and so the money it will make, is dependent on the topic, and so the keywords/phrases that they are focused on, and also the popularity of the subject among people (the number of “likes” each article will receive).

  23. Katz says:

    First i would like to thank you for creating a wonderful opportunity for writers. I have read your site and i understood most of the requirements.

    Before i register, i just want to know how will your relationship with us writers benefit you. Because other sites work on revenue share and you provide %100 profit. I understand the ad sense relationship, but i am confused about how you benefit from the relationship.



    • HowToee Guy says:

      Hi Katz,
      Thank you for stopping by.
      Regarding your question, it is very simple. We publish our own articles with our own adsense ads. When visitors come to this site to read the contributors’ articles, there is a chance that they browse the other pages and read our articles too. However, as it is clearly explained in the article published on this page, making money is not the main goal of creating this site. We merely want to create an environment that people can contribute and make some money, without having to pay any money, and without being scammed. We don’t care if we don’t make any money through HowToee.

  24. Irene says:

    Just got pointed to this site by a friend on Facebook, and I was wondering what kind of rights you take for articles. Is it possible to remove my articles if I don’t want to participate on the website anymore, or once they are published you expect to get one of those blanket unlimited-exclusive-rights licenses?

    Just curious about deleting articles, I understand all the content here is and must remain unique.


    • HowToee Guy says:

      Hi Irene,
      When someone doesn’t want to participate anymore, he can stop posting new articles, and the articles that he has already published will remain in his account. I don’t think that moving an article that was already published on a site, to another site, will have any advantage, because it will be known as a duplicated content anyway. In spite of this, if someone wants to do it, we will remove his account with all the articles it has.

  25. ryan says:

    when i register to googleadsense, am i supposed to put http://www.howtoee.com as the url, i do not want to put my business blog, but how will adsense know to put ads on my howtoee posts and not just the howtoee site ?

    • HowToee Guy says:

      You have to enter your own blog/site URL, because HowToee is already used to approve an account, and it can not be used for any other account application. When your account is approved, you can use the same client ID in your HowToee account. Google will not have any problem in displaying the ads on HowToee, through your own adsense account.

  26. Pamela says:

    I have read all the comments but didn’t find the answer to the following: how much do we earn per click on one of our adds?
    And if I read it correct; if my add shows on the homepage and someone clicks on it, the ‘winnings’ will be divided over all of the authors? This would mean that only if someone clicks on my article on MY page, then I will receive the full ‘winnings’? Or am I getting it all wrong?

    Thank you in advance for your time!


    • HowToee Guy says:

      Hi Pamela,
      It is google adsense that pays for the ads, not HowToee. Therefore, only google knows how much you will make per each click. However, you should know that it is not a constant amount of money paid for each click. It is different from ad to ad, and it depends on the subject/topic of the page and the keywords/phrases that the ad is focused on. While an ad may make only 10 cents per each click, another ad can make tens of dollars.
      Regarding the home page, only one author adsense ad can be displayed each time that the home page is loaded. And if someone clicks on the ad, only one author makes money through that click.
      Those who write more well-written articles about the popular topics will make more money month after month, because when an articles starts receiving traffic, it will be trusted by the search engines more, every month.

  27. Nate says:

    If we have a personal blog in which we do not earn profits off of, does it still mean that we can’t use those articles that we have written and post them here?

  28. Patrick says:

    Hi! Can I write for howtoee? I am under 18 but I have a passion for writing. I tried writing for hubpages and it went well for a day but the next day closed my account temporarily until I become 18. This would be the same for squidoo. Do I need to be 18 before I could write in howtoee?

    • Hi Patrick,

      Unfortunately you have to become 18 here too. Although it looks ridiculous, but it is the matter of rules and regulation which in many cases are against people, and their benefits.

  29. junaid says:

    Dear how tee guy,
    Nice to see you replying at every comment. My question is; do you accept articles related to health? I am a health blogger and launching my site in few days…

  30. Raaman says:

    I saw your profile. You say that howtoee.com was created to “help people to see how easy it is to make money online by writing about the things they are passionate about”. Sorry Sir, I beg to differ from you on this point! I have been writing online for almost ten years and my experience with 99% of the websites is bitter and bad to say the least. I find that almost all websites and website owners or webmasters are minting money with users contribution and paying peanuts for their efforts. I would say that “earning online is a myth”. There is not even a single website with which we can earn at least $20 a month with which we can at least pay our internet(telephone) bills or electricity bills. I always recollect my son’s golden words : “if you can earn online then why so many people are struggling in BPOs and call centers?” these words echoes in my ear even when I sleep! I wish and expect that your website will be a difference! Let me see.

    • I am sorry to say that this is your own experience which can be 100% wrong. My own experience and also thousands of other successful online entrepreneurs’ experience are different from yours. I know freelance writers who make $500k per year through several different resources. I am sorry that your experience was not good, but it doesn’t mean that everybody’s experience is the same as yours and everybody is doomed to experience the same thing as you did. If you have been really writing for ten years and you had no positive result, then you have to sit and analyse yourself and find the problem. Not everybody is able to have big achievements. Years ago I joined a program (SFI) and then referred over 20,000 new members to my team. I taught them all I knew about internet marketing. If each of them had followed what I had taught, then each would have referred 20,000 new members to their team, like what I did. But unfortunately, only a few of them could follow my footsteps. The rest wasted their time and money.
      I 100% disagree with your saying that “earning online is a myth”, simply because I have been able to earn online and I have seen so many others who have been able to do it. I have to repeat again that this is only your experience which is 100% wrong and different from the experience that successful online entrepreneurs have.
      Also unlike you, I believe there are so many websites and online resources that can make money for you.
      I am sorry to hear that your son also thinks like you. As a father, If you have repeated the same things for him that you have mentioned above, then you have developed the same pessimistic mind for him too. So it is normal to hear the same things from him. If you see some people are struggling to make money in BPOs and call centres, it doesn’t mean that there is no other way to make money. It is like you say that “if it is possible to make money through medicine, then why not everybody is a doctor?” :)
      To become able to make money through the internet, first you have to change yourself and your negative mentality. Otherwise, neither the internet nor any other thing can make money for you. Good luck!

    • Patrick says:

      I am completely disagreeing with your opinion or statement. I have earned about 90 dollars through howtoee and fiverr. I also have 2 blogs just one month old.

  31. Patrick Isaac says:

    How do you renew the old articles?

  32. Anisyah Jayanti says:

    how to see my articles published, as I’ve written it? whether accepted or not? thank you

  33. No $5? says:

    Hello Vahid!

    I’m confused because the first thing I read is that I can earn $5 first by publishing an article, and Adsense earnings second.

    However, above in the comments I read that you will first contact writers before you offer them other money than the Adsense earnings.

    So is it only very select people of your choosing who ultimately get the $5, or would I get the $5 if I submit an article of agreeable quality? I don’t want to write an article and then never hear about the $5 because they don’t come as automatically as you explained on this page.

    • No. Those comments are related to the past and before July 22. I just removed them. Now we pay $5 for each article which is approved and published on HowToee.

      • No $5? says:

        YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love that $5!!! Truly. You must have a lot of money to throw around at everyone who tinkles away at the keyboard.

        Allrighty Vahid, I’m going to join! $5 shall be mine!!!

        I’m in dire need of money so don’t mind my overexcitement.

  34. Dorine says:

    What if I do not have Google Adsense? Can I choose not to accept the money from Google Adsense?

  35. Al Sid says:

    If a submitted article has gone from “pending” to “draft” what does this mean?


  36. Videos says:

    Hi there,
    I would like to write about making online videos, editing videos, video editing software, 3D animation software & tips & tricks, graphics, cartoon animation, moviemaking, special effects work etc., as these are the line I’m working in.
    But I don’t see anything about Video and videomaking in the topics you provided to write about. Could you add that subject please? Then I would love to join.

  37. Hgme says:

    Is there a maximum on the number of articles we can write? i.e. can we for example write 20 articles or more per month?

  38. Nihal says:

    Will I earn 5$ just for submitting articles (I don’t want google adense)?

  39. Gary says:

    Do you allow investing or personal finance articles? If so, would it be listed under the business/small business section?

  40. Bryan says:

    I am a certified personal trainer. Can I write about fitness/nutrition/wellness?

  41. Bryan says:

    That is a bummer. You could generate a lot of traffic with that. 345 million people in the world are obese, and more than 1 billion people in the world are overweight. Almost every day I see an article on yahoo home page about fitness/nutrition/wellness. Almost everyday I hear someone talk about one of those subjects. I would be happy to write for you, I can give you my current blogs, and you can make the decision. I just think this is a great idea, and I want to join HowToee.

  42. GeeBee says:

    What does it mean when an article is in “Draft?” Is it waiting to be looked at by editors?

  43. Ryan says:

    Hi Vahid,

    Thanks for the cool opportunity.

    How frequently are we paid through Paypal?


  44. GeeBee says:

    Is there a place you can view the statistics for the articles you write? How many page views, etc.

    Also, is there a way to view your overall statistics on the Google Adsense page of publishers? In other words, is there some way to put our howtoee identity in there to see how much we’re making here?

  45. Jon Page says:

    Hi sir,
    I am a freelance writer and I think this is one of the best place for me. I am signing up.

    Thank you.


  46. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Vahid,

    Just wanted to make sure….when we request a payment, we can include multiple articles in each request/support ticket, correct?



  47. Nays says:

    Can different languages​​?

  48. Liji says:

    Hi Vahid,
    This looks great!
    Am a full time Mom with over 14 years of corporate work experience. Sadly, others outsource my service often and am paid too little. It’s very frustrating. I am currently active on elance and am really looking forward to make some clean money against all the hard work I put in. I do it for a living and enjoy it too!!

    Normally how long does it take for an article to get published (the waiting period including editing)?

    Is there a waiting period between pulishing and payment through paypal?

    How often do you pay through paypal? Any restrictions here?

    I do not have google adsense id. My prime objective is to write unique content and get good earning. Can I just choose to write against $5 per article of 800 words?

    Am looking forward to be a member with you,

    With best regards,


  49. Dorine says:

    I see that the note regarding the cancellation of the program has been removed. Does this mean it is back to normal now?

  50. Raradra says:

    Every other residual income site I write for allows me to retain ownership of my articles and if I choose to delete them I can. Is that true here or does Howtoee expect me to transfer ownership of my writing to it?

  51. Rishabh Dev says:


    Let me know if we have re-initiated the per post program or if we are currently only working on a profit sharing model.

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