10 Steps to Become a Professional Blogger

In one of my latest articles, I have emphasized on this fact that blogging is the best online business and work at home opportunity.

Blogging is really a good job. It can make money for you, help you find several new friends, make you keep on reading and learning and etc.

Are you interested in blogging? If yes, follow the below steps:

1. Choose a niche

If you have decided to start a weblog, first you should make sure that you are able to write and keep your weblog updated with the fresh, informative and useful articles every week. If you are able to write about a special topic, you are already qualified to become a blogger.

First you have to choose a topic (niche) for blogging. Most of the good and professional weblogs are focused on a very special subject. There are also many weblogs that talk about everything but this is not a good idea because these kinds of weblogs will have problems in finding readers and people who bookmark such weblogs will get confused after a while and will never be back.

So try to choose a niche for blogging. Something that you are interested in it, love to talk and write about it, and above all, CAN write and talk about it. Do not focus on something that you are not interested in. For example if you know nothing about politics, economics, Hollywood stars, stock market … , why should you choose such topics to blog?

2. Register a domain

There are a lot of good and free blog hosting services like Blogger but it is not recommended to use a free service if you like to become a professional blogger. There are a lot of good reasons for that:

  • They don’t have most of the capacities and facilities that a professional blogger needs.
  • You will not have a unique domain name of your own and your weblog address will be under a domain (sub-domain) which is not yours. It is always possible that you do something in your blog which is against their terms of use and they close your blog and once they do this all your efforts will be down the drain. You may have been working on a weblog for several months or even years and one day you will see that it is gone.
  • Search engines are not eager to drive traffic to free blogs. They have good reasons. Free blogs are not professional and there can be a lot of spam and stolen information in them. Besides, there are millions of them that focus on the same topic and so they increase the risk of having duplicated search result. So search engines are not eager enough to index and list free blogs.

If you want to register a domain for your blog, try to choose a domain name as short and meaningful as possible. People should be able to memorize and remember your domain name easily.

3. Be yourself

It is good to have a guru in everything specially blogging, internet marketing and online business because these jobs are very professional jobs but please keep in your mind that you have to be yourself. No matter what you read and learn from others but you should avoid talking and writing exactly about the same thing that other bloggers talk and write. There is nothing against having a weblog in the same niche as a famous blogger but post your own words on your blog not what others say. Only in this case people will realize that although there are many other weblogs that talk about the same topic as yours, you have something valuable and unique to say. You have to be creative and show new ways to people. The ways that can not be found on other weblogs.

4. Optimize your blog

Search engines are the most important sources of traffic to your blog. So you have to optimize your weblog for search engines. If you don’t know how to do that you can learn it or you can ask a good and reliable search engine optimizer (SEO) to do it for you. Be careful not to spam and over-optimize your weblog.

5. Let others know about your blog

People should know that you have a weblog. There are a lot of ways to make your weblog popular:

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6. Keep your blog updated

A weblog is a weblog when it is updated with fresh posts regularly. You should update your weblog at least a few times per week. It is really good to update your weblog everyday but be careful not to overload your weblog reader with several posts everyday.

7. Keep the content distinct, unique and informative

Do not post something to your weblog just to keep it updated. I have subscribed for many weblogs but they made me to un-subscribe after a while because they just tried to pretend that their weblogs become updated but they do it by posting very small and garbage articles.

Remember that you don’t have to post everyday. You can post a few times per week but do not sacrifice the quality of the articles for quantity.

Also keep in your mind that your posts should be fresh and unique. Copying and pasting other weblogs articles will not make you a blogger. Such a weblog will not attract people and search engines. Search engines hate duplicated content.

8. Make it easy to subscribe for your feed

RSS feed is the most important thing that has made weblogs different from ordinary Web 1.0 websites. It informs your readers about your new posts. So place its link and icon somewhere that everybody can find it easily.

9. Monetize your weblog properly

Google Adsense is the best way to monetize your weblog. Fortunately it works in the way that it doesn’t let webmasters and bloggers put a lot of ads on their sites. This limitation helps you to have a better weblog. If you like to monetize your weblog more using other resources, keep in your mind that you should not over do it.

10. Don’t give up!

Like all other legitimate jobs, blogging will not start making money in one week. If you really want to make money through blogging, you have to keep on working regularly at least for few months. Your weblog will not make more than few dollars at the first months. If you keep on working, your income will be increased month after month and after a while you will have a reasonable income. It is the time that you will love blogging and if you keep on working, it will be your full time job.

Happy Blogging 🙂


  1. Mr Vahid Chaychi, you are a very hardworking person… I can’t imagine myself doing so many articles with more than thousands of words with great meaning and content in a matter of hours. I salute you. 🙂

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