10 Surefire Tips to Write High Converting Solo Ads

Ezine advertising is one of the most effective forms of advertising that we have today in the online world. Even though there are many other ways to get exposure to your product or service, running ezine ads can give you one of the best returns on your investment. By ezine ads we’re talking specifically about solo ads here, since they work extremely well when done right.

However, if you look around you’ll find that not many online marketers are experimenting with the solo ads. They’re not leveraging these powerful ads the right way. The result? They’re losing money when they should be gaining profits.

So the question is – how do you really go about making the most out of ezine advertising without losing money? What do you do to get a better return on investment? Let’s find out in the article we below where we talking about some useful tips when it comes to writing high converting solo ads…

1. Have a Good Subject Line

One of the reasons why some solo ad campaigns fail is because they fail to get a good open rate. Let’s face it – even the best solo ad wouldn’t get results if it doesn’t get seen. By writing good, effective subject lines, you not only get a better response, but also higher conversions since the recipients be easily be able to connect the solo ad’s content to its purpose.

2. Have a High Converting Landing Page

Before you send out your solo ad, you have to see to it that you’ve got a landing page that is profitable. What’s the use of sending all that traffic if your page doesn’t convert? In order to make the most out of any solo ad campaign, it’s important that you create a relevant landing page and test it out beforehand. This improves your chances of getting a better return on investment.

3. Target the Right Ezine

Don’t just go out there and run your ad in an ezine with a large number of un-targeted subscribers. You should only go for a relevant ezine, regardless of the number of subscribers it has. It doesn’t matter what kind of niche you’re targeting or what your product is – as long as the ezine you’re targeting is targeted, your other steps will become a lot more easier.

4. Do a Spam Filter Check

If you’re smart, you would check your ad against all the major spam filters. Because it doesn’t make sense to work hard on a solo ad campaign and put a lot of money into it without this test. You won’t get any response from your ad if it gets blocked by the major spam filters. You want your ad to reach out to the right people, so see to it that you’re not using any spam-triggering words in your copy.

5. Do a Spell Check

The last thing you want to happen is your ad getting a low response just because you didn’t take care of the spelling and grammar. Appearing professional should be your number of priority because people these days do care about it. They want to do business with companies that put real effort into being professional and presentable.

6. Format Your Ads Correctly

One thing that you shouldn’t ignore is formatting your ad the right way. It’s easy to lose focus when writing the ad copy and not care about the format. But when you’re emailing an ad, you need to take care of the format. For instance, if your ad isn’t formatted to to 60/65 characters per line, it may not turn out to look that good. Remember, it’s all about presentation.

7. Do a Background Check on the Ezine

You should subscribe to the ezine before you go ahead and advertise in it. This is nothing but doing a background check on how the ezine works, the kind of content it publishes, what type of solo ads it runs, etc. You’ll learn a great deal about the ezine along with the schedule according to which the ad is sent out.

8. Don’t Make the Mistake of Selling in the Ad

The reason why you’re running a solo ad is to get people interested in your offer and visit your site. Your ad is not for selling, but getting traffic to your site. The selling part can be taken care of on the website. So your basic aim should be to get as many people to drop by your website, check out your product or service so that you can convert them into a paying customer or client.

9. Track Your Ads

When it comes to running advertisements of any kind, you should track them to find out which ones are giving the profit. Or else you’ll only be shooting in the dark and wasting money on those ads that aren’t profitable. In simple terms, if you don’t track you will lose money that you can’t afford to lose. How do you do the tracking? Simple – by placing sample ads in multiple ezines and tracking the response from each to know which ezines giving you the best returns.

10. Test Different Ads

Finding out which ad gives the best results depends on how effectively you test out different ads against each other. A good way to do this is to write 3 to 4 ads for your product or service, and see which one converts the best. The more sales it gets, the better the ad. Once you’ve got a profitable ad, you can then take your testing a step ahead and test it on different ezines.

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