11 Smart Tips to Grow Your Email List

There’s a lot of hype today about social media and the way it can help your online business grow. Everybody’s trying to build their Facebook presence and make their Twitter followers boost. However, what many online marketers are failing to realize is that the real power lies in creating an email list.

That’s right – with an email list you are in direct contact with your prospects or subscribers. It gives you the power to get your message to their inbox, which means that there are high chances that it’ll get read. If you look around, you’ll find that every top online marketer is building an email list because they know that the real money lies in gathering emails.

Given below are eleven smart tips to help you grow your email list and take it to the next level, even if you’re starting out…

1) Make sure your opt-in form is placed on each and every page of your website. Because you never know what page your visitors may land on. You want to see to it that you are increasing the chances of them subscribing to your list. Yes there are exceptions like your contact page, but see to it that your signup form goes on all your content pages.

2) Let your visitors know what they will get if they sign up for your list. Show them the real benefit and tell them upfront what kind of content you will send their way if they join. Don’t make your offer dry but keep it real and attractive. Put yourself in your visitors’ shoes and see what would really interest them.

3) Offer your visitors a bribe to join your email list. This is by far the most effective way to add more subscribers and grow your list fast. Most Internet marketers use bribes to get people to give their email address. Your bribe could be a free ebook, report, video, etc. It doesn’t matter what signup gift you give them, as long as it is valuable.

4) Make your signup form short and compelling. You want your visitors to feel okay entering their email address so don’t ask for too much. Keep the form to the point and make sure the design of the form is compelling enough. Because ultimately people do judge the book by its cover. If you’re using a service like Aweber, you can easily design great signup forms.

5) Avoid asking for their first name or last name in your form. Because what matters to you is their email address. It will be more simpler to convince someone to sign up when all you’re asking is their email. The easier your signup process is, the better.

6) Have testimonials from your subscribers? Then add one or two to your signup form as this will boost your conversion rate. People are always looking for social proof when taking any action online. They want to know others’ experience before they join your list. So by adding feedback from your happy subscribers, you’ll only add more subscribers and boost the growth of your email list.

7) Don’t just depend on the signup forms spread across your website. Also have a landing page where you send traffic from your marketing/advertising campaigns. It’s been proven that by having a good landing page, you can double or even triple your conversion ratio. By taking advantage of a good landing page you can get ahead of most of your competition.

8) Use social media for your advantage when it comes to growing your email list. Direct your Twitter followers to your landing page and let your Facebook fans know where they can sign up. Converting your social media followers into email subscribers is something every Internet marketer needs to focus on.

9) Create a landing page specifically for your Twitter followers so that they can sign up on it. Put the link to this page in your Twitter’s bio section. The reason why this works is because anybody visiting your Twitter profile is a potential subscriber. So why not direct them to a page where they can join your list rather than sending them to your site’s homepage?

10) Use your email signature to get more signups. If you’re an online marketer who interacts a lot on email and networks with new people then your email signature is a great way to bring qualified subscribers. Why? Because you’re not sending cold traffic to your email subscription form but warm leads that have a higher chance of converting into subscribers.

11) Don’t limit yourself when it comes to promoting your email signup form. You have to see to it that you’re driving traffic to it from all places. Whether it’s by utilizing paid advertising methods or free marketing techniques. Keep pushing it when it comes to promotion because that’s the only way you’ll consistently grow your email list.

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