12 Steps to Success in Life and Business

There are many ways and ladders to successful life Many people in life achieved success through birth while some achieved success by hard work and dedication.

According to a philosopher Ayn Rand Quote that – Success ladder is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunities. Today there are many opportunities coming our ways in life. But the problems we face is how to recognize and seize this opportunity and utilized it to our fullest advantages.

Majority of people in life have come across good and useful opportunities that can make us great and be important in life but we missed out in such rare opportunity. Now let us look at the 12 ladders to success.

1. POSITIVE THINKING – For you to achieve success in life you must think positively You must always confess success and think of success always instead of failure You must change your mental orientations and think success and agree that success is possible. Joshua 1 verse 8-9

2. SOUND EDUCATION – Good and sound education is another ladder to success in life Without sound and quality education you may come across good and useful opportunity but you will not be able to recognize and use it well to your own advantages but when you have good and sound education you can easily identify and seize sizzling opportunity and maximize it to your advantages. Proverb 4 verse 5-9, Get wisdom and get understanding

3. GOOD BUSINESS – Good business is another way to achieve success in life,when you get good and lucrative business at hand success is sure and you will be very successful in life Some people are very good in business and they have the financial and physical muscles to carry on the business successfully without mush supervision If you know that you are not good in education and learning please you can change your thinking and move to learn trade or business and you will be successful in life.

4. MEET WITH ROLE MODELS – Role models are classical people with special character traits and charismatic values that helps to lead people aright,We have many good and sound role models that have register their names in the book of success such people are glaring examples we can emulate and tap their wealth of experience if we must be successful in life such as Nelson Mandela,Barack Obama,Hillary Clinton and many others too numerous to mention.These class of people are more experience in their areas of calling and can help to assist you when ever you meet them for consultation and advise and are ready to give you best advise that can better your life. Remember to meet good role models that can counsel you right not the bad one that can give you wrong counseling and wrong direction.

5. AVOID DREAM KILLERS – For you to achieve your goals and success in life you must try to avoid dream killers Dream killers are those class of people who will like to kill your dreams immediately you make your plans and dreams known to them Instead of encouraging and support you financially and materially to achieve your dream and make it reality they will chartered your dream and kill it so that you will not able to achieve them Please beware of such people since many of them are against your success and immediately you discover such class of people try and separate yourself from them if you must succeed in life As the saying goes that show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. Move with people that have dreams and visions and you will succeed in life Proverb 29,verse 18 where there is no vision people perish.

6. ASSOCIATE WITH SUCCESS CARRIERS AND FAVOUR – Many people in life are success carriers and favor in many ways while majority are not Success carriers always think of success in whatever they do and surely they also attain and achieved that success in a few seconds Therefore if you must be successful in life always associate with success carriers and be identify with them while ignoring success killers and you will succeed.

7. TAKE ACTION – If you must achieve success in life you must take action to implement your dreams and goals in life Many people have a good dreams and plans but they do not take necessary action to realized their dreams and goals Some even forgot their dreams and aspiration because of financial handicap while some even died without achieving their goals in life Therefore do not delay in carrying out your plans and dreams and you will succeed in life. If you do not get enough money to finance your plans and budget meet people and share your idea with them may be help can come from them A mans gift make room for him and bringeth him before great men and princess. Proverb 18,verse 16

8. GOAL SETTINGS – You must set your goals and plans towards achieving success in life Setting goals is to plan ahead for what you want to achieve and how to achieve them Therefore good and sound goal setting will spur you to achieve great success in life.

9. READING CULTURE – Reading culture is another way to achieve and attain success in life Get some motivational books about success and how to achieve them in life and read more about who is who around the world. Many people become successful through cultivating reading culture such as wole Soyinka the nobel lauret award winners chinua achebe,Kofi Annan Former US Secretary general and many more.

10. LEARN A TRADE OR BUSINESS – If you must be successful in life you must have a trade or business that will help you to succeed in life You may even learn a trade and become self reliance without depending on any body for your survival In some developed countries of the world private ownership of business is encouraged and they rule the world with their expertise and pay tax to the government which helps in social and infractructural development. Therefore you can learn a trade and business and you will succeed in life

11.  AVOID FEARS – If you must be successful in life try to avoid fears. Freas will come your way sometimes you want to plan some good things that will make you successful but try to be fearless and get bold enough to face your plan and you shall succeed. Joshua 1 verse 8-9,you shall have a good success.

12. PRAYERS – for you to be succeeded in life you need to be very prayerful since the steps of the righteous are ordered by God. Prayers can help you to achieve success which seems impossible to you but with God all things are possible,commit all your ways to God in prayer and you will succeed in life. In the mean time if you must be successful in life please try and implement these afore mention salient point and success will come so easy in life

Thanks and seeing you succeed always.

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