2 Tips to Perform Affirmations the Right Way

Do you use affirmations to create your life by design? Are you aware of the power of stating affirmations to yourself? By simply repeating phrases to yourself, injecting the statements with real, positive emotions, you can change your belief system and your life. Life really does follow an internal dialog. Your inner chatter determines the direction in which you head, meaning that you proceed exactly in the direction that your belief system dictates.

You can’t achieve something that you don’t believe is possible. You must believe to achieve. Doing affirmations the right way helps you to believe these statements, and as your belief system changes you can accomplish amazing things. Most people take little or no time to research what they believe and why they believe it. With a bit of analysis you soon come to see that your current belief system is based on ideas you acquired from your parents, your family, your friends, and society in general. As you dig deeper and accept the idea of stating affirmations properly you realize that repeating statements to yourself changes your life in a dramatic way.

Sound weird? Think about it. If you believe in lack, limitation and failure, and you fear venturing out, starting your own business, or creating your own product, you simply had ideas of lack and limitation repeated to you during your childhood. This is not the fault of your parents, family or friends. They knew no better. Or even if they programmed you with high energy ideas, you might have resisted these truths, or simply chose to believe negative people, and their viewpoints, because living a high energy, freeing life was just too darn uncomfortable for you to embrace.

Life follows what you say to yourself, over and over. Both out loud and within, meaning the inner, silent dialog which runs throughout the course of a normal day. You listen and act. The neat thing about affirmations is that you can tell yourself what to do, manually over-riding your current beliefs, you do it, and receive different results. This is quite miraculous when you dwell on the idea. When you think about the concept in great detail. You can simply erase years of receiving the same silly, low energy limiting beliefs via the people around you in a matter of minutes, days or weeks. One note: you need to be doggedly persistent in stating affirmations because your programming, or the old ego chatter, might rear its head persistently as you decide to grow.

Your old programming runs deep and needs to be uprooted with serious personal development in order for your new programming to take root. How does your new programming take root? How can you do affirmations effectively, to change your belief system and change your life?

Inject Statements with Powerful Positive Emotions

Do you realize how important your feelings are? Your feelings are the great attractive or repelling force in your life. If you feel good you attract high energy ideas, people and circumstances. If you feel bad you attract low energy ideas, people and circumstances. To think about it differently, feel good, and you will receive fun results. You live a charmed life if you continually choose to feel good, moving your attention to good feeling thoughts from moment to moment.

How can you choose to feel good? Perform affirmations the right way. This means shouting your affirmations out loud, injecting positive energy into the statements. Laugh, dance around and smile as you state your positive affirmations out loud. The feelings behind your affirmation mean everything. Let go low energy limiting beliefs, or self-conscious thoughts. Those lower level states of mind need to go if you intend to allow your positive affirmations to take root. Focus on your statement. Repeat the idea to yourself at least twice daily, doing affirmations for a five to ten minute stretch during each session. Feel good as you make your statements. Energize yourself. Jump around. Dance. Whatever you need to do, to feel positive, and enthusiastic, as you state your affirmations, do it, and you eventually believe your affirmations to be true. As you believe your affirmations to be true these ideas become true in your life. Your dreams come true. Magical, as you dwell on the amazing power with you.

State in the Present Tense

A most difficult concept to grasp: time is an illusion. Humans created the concept of time based on the movements of the sun and the moon, to create order in the day. Bears never check their calendar to hibernate and shore birds never check their clocks or schedule to migrate. Humans are the only beings which accept and understand the concept of time, but the idea is only an illusion, a simple idea used to create order.

Since time is an illusion you need to do affirmations in the present tense, because the present is all that exists. In addition, your affirmation becomes real in the present. The idea becomes true in the present. You need to feel the statement as true, now, to make the statement become true, because if you affirm in the future, your statement becomes true in the future. This future never arrives because the future remains in the future. Forget about affirming in the future. Affirm in the now. Now is when your statement comes true.

Stating Affirmations – Summary

Put positive energy into your affirmations. These emotions are the charger, the driver which attract to you the ideas, people and circumstances to make your affirmations come true. You dwell on the idea, repeat it to yourself, and naturally attract the ideas and move into inspired action to reach your goals.

State your affirmations in the present tense. Time is an illusion. Everything happens in the now. As you affirm your positive statement now your affirmation becomes true now. Forget affirming in the future. The future never arrives in a world where time is an illusion. Focus on the present, affirm in the present and you naturally start being the person you would like to become.

Use these two tips to perform affirmations the right way and begin living your dream life.

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