25 Easy Tips to Increase Your Creativity

Here are 25 easy tips for you to enhance your creative mind and increase your creativity. Follow these simple tips and become yourself creative!

1.  Hear new music, whether you’re a fan of pop, indie, metal, classical music, bands, northern or whatever, try to always have something fresh in the ears, that will help with inspiration.

2.  Always have a notebook handy, you never know when it will necessary to document an idea, make a sketch or just scribble something to focus on.

3.  Visit new places, can be anything from a trip across the world, a weekend vacation somewhere, to go to a new coffee in your colony salt than usual and allow yourself to enter different atmospheres.

4.  Have fun, go out with your friends, play sports, dance, sing, have a good time. Welfare helps your brain to be more creative, indulge, eventually you will!

5.  Try free writing, either by scribbling or sketching, or something more literary and small rhymes, or short stories, this will facilitate your thinking capacity ideas.

6.  Sleep a lot. During this time your dreams might help you find ideas; when you are asleep your brain weaves your experiences and stimuli of the day, which can help you find the idea that you managed to get while you were awake.

7.  Surround yourself with creative people. At school, at work, with your circle of friends, social networks will be surrounded by positive thoughts than yours are encouraged to come.

8.  Collaborate. It is not only to get help, if you have a good idea, or find interesting content occurs as you do to improve a project, sure people will appreciate your contribution.

9.  Keeping in order in your workplace. Try to always have space to place your materials, ordering even the desktop of your computer and remove all that is of no use and more. Just this visual cleanliness is useful to start creating.

10.  Finish what you start. Close cycles is important, try to complete all your projects, even if you start to lose interest in it, maybe a good idea to end bailouts thereof, or the project will not be as bad as it looked.

11.  Takes Coffee (or tea, or milk, or a glass of wine). Your favorite drink will help stimulate your senses and awaken your creative side. EYE, is only a stimulus, tics do not want to end because of caffeine or bathroom because of alcohol.

12.  Practice, practice, practice. Never stop learning, even being good at what you do, practice always show you new ways, some are better than others, you just need to practice to discover.

13.  Quit imitate and be yourself. It does not mean you do not have models or examples to follow, however, be obsessed as good as anyone else can distract us from finding our own style, let be.

14.  away from the computer for a while. Sal, walking the streets, listening to what’s out there, enjoying new tastes and experiences, leaving even the smartphone (ok, you can use your camera only), lost an hour of what’s on the network can give us the freedom we need to think.

15.  Do not force yourself. Although sometimes the urgency of a project we have to stress to the surface, try to stay calm under pressure, force does not always translate into better or more immediate results.

16.  Requests reviews. Do not be afraid to show your work to your peers, your clients or your next users, your feedback will improve your job or to improve the customer experience with your projects.

17.  List your ideas. Put some order to all that you’re thinking, make a list of the different ideas, with the next steps in the project, with the materials you need, etc.. make lists used to sort and prioritize, use them.

18.  Be Open. Your job is not perfect for everybody, stay open to the opinions, suggestions, changes, new techniques and tools, surely something new will emerge from it.

19.  Read Stories, comics, novels, newspapers, feeds, almost anything that you will provide information to keep your head with ideas.

20.  Dare to take risks. Bet on your ideas, innovation, propose new projects, changes non traditional, is to go beyond what you are asking and venture, of course, take your precautions, perhaps the world is not ready for so much change.

21.  Do not underestimate what you do. Many times we are very demanding of ourselves and that helps us grow, however, take care not to go to extremes, belittle your work can make a masterpiece not identify yours even when you in the eyes.

22.  Sets your creative process and take it out. If you know that exercise makes you come up with fresh ideas, that yoga relaxes you, you go dancing, ride bikes or go to the beach inspires you, or just a series of steps that help you bring order to your ideas, be sure to take them out and try to put this process in writing and will always present. 23 . Allow yourself wrong. It sounds trite but it’s true that “you learn more from mistakes and failures than successes”, accept your mistakes, make mistakes, do not blame yourself for what happened and learn from it.

24.  Do not give up. Sometimes it’s exhausting to be asked a thousand changes in what we design, limiting our creativity by budgets, however, be overcome by these details and take them as obstacles to overcome in your creative work.

25.  Take a break. If you were already hours thinking how to make this design or on how to fix this algorithm, in the best way for that CSS is supported, among other things, take a break, can serve to find the answer you seek.

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