3 Autoresponder Ideas to Build Email Relationships

Every Internet marketer knows that email marketing is powerful. Why? Because it gives results that you can count on. An integral part of any email marketing campaign is an autoresponder that can be used to follow up with prospects and customers.

It’s a fact that most people visiting your website won’t buy on their first visit. You need to expose your offer to them at least seven times before you can expect them to take action. This is why following up with them is really important. It allows you to connect to them and open up the opportunity to send your offer.

And since doing it manually for each of your prospect/customer is difficult, we have autoresponders. Using which you can automatically send follow up messages to anyone who shows interest in your product, or has bought your front-end product.

Using autoresponders the right way will not only boost your sales, but will also help you build a strong relationship with your prospect/customer list. There is no way that an autoresponder will not benefit you if leverage it in a creative manner.

Let’s look into some ideas on how you can use an autoresponder to build a strong relationship withyour  list.

Offer an Email Course

People love the idea of getting educated via email. They don’t mind getting emails that offer them real value. So why not sign up your prospects for an email course? For example, if your site is about gardening, you can create an email course that teaches the most effective gardening techniques.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind with an email course is that it needs to be valuable. You shouldn’t give away rehashed information in it. Or else you’ll see that your unsubscription rate will shoot up.

Your focus should be on teaching your prospects ideas that they won’t find elsewhere. So be creative in your approach and think out of the box. Create a plan as to how and what kind of content you’ll be delivering. For instance, you can create informative videos and make them a part of your course.

There are many different ways you can experiment with the idea of an email course. You just need to be different from what everybody’s doing, even if it means spending more time on creating the course.

Run a Drip Newsletter

The idea of creating and publishing a newsletter is not new. Online marketers have always used newsletters to deliver value to their list and create better relationships. But you know what’s more powerful than a traditional newsletter? A drip newsletter.

By a drip newsletter we mean creating content that’s evergreen and setting it up in the autoresponder. Regardless of what niche you are in, your newsletters can be sent this way without you having to worry about creating new content each time.

In order to create a drip newsletter, you need to focus on broader topics. Forget about putting timestamp on your newsletter issues because here you’ll be creating the content well in advance, to be delivered in a sequence to your subscribers.

Also, make sure that you drip newsletter isn’t too broad. Go into specific details when explaining your topics. Have a balance between creating evergreen, relevant content and content that’s in-depth. Because ultimately your subscribers will want ideas and tactics that they can put to use.

Deliver Special PDF Reports

PDF reports are hot. People like downloading and reading them because they have a high perceived value. Online marketers often use them for getting people to sign up to their list. If you look around, you’ll find that most PDF reports that are given away for free are used as a one time bait.

But the real power of PDF reports lies in using them to deliver consistent value to your prospects/customers. By creating special PDF reports focusing on different topics, you can give ongoing value to your list, which helps you solidify your relationship. A relationship that you can leverage in the long run to boost your profits.

While it’s not possible to create a special PDF report every other day, you can certainly publish one every ten days or once a month. As you create these reports one after another, you can keep adding them to your autoresponder’s follow up sequence. This way, a new subscriber will not miss any reports when they sign up.

Again, it’s important that you focus on creating evergreen content for your reports, because you obviously don’t want to deliver anything outdated. Besides that, make sure each of your report is focusing on one single topic. The more targeted it is, the better. Because people want actionable content – they want solutions. Even if each of your report solves one specific problem, you’ll soon have the best content delivered to your subscribers on a regular basis. Helping you build a real relationship that lasts.

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