3 Social Media Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make


If you are making specific social media mistakes look out! You can’t possibly grow your home based opportunity if you treat social media the wrong way. Most online entrepreneurs view sites like Facebook and Twitter in a low energy light. These struggling people see social media as a tool to generate leads, or through which you can get money from people. This is the wrong way to look at social sites.

Sites like Google Plus and LinkedIn provide you with a forum through which you can build relationships with like-minded individuals. These relationships are the real social media currency. Leads flow in with ease, money flows in and you gain online success based on the quality and number of these relationships.

Stop trying to use social sites for making money. Start using social sites to meet people, make connections, serve and build prospering relationships. Social media is simply another way to meet people. You can meet up in person, over the phone, via live webinars or on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. These portals simply provide you with an easy channel to connect with like-minded folks.

Never abuse social sites. Spamming is not tolerated on most social sites. You might be banned for good if you keep up this garbage. Unsolicited pitches fall on deaf ears, or you might just get the boot if you keep up these lame, desperate ploys for a long enough period of time. Never hide away either. People need to see you to trust you. If you hide away, afraid to share your picture or information about yourself, you are in the wrong business. Online prospects demand transparency. You need to provide individuals with information about yourself to be trusted, and trust is a most prospering quality in the online or offline business realms.

 No Picture

I sometimes speak to individuals who fear posting their picture on social media websites. Maybe these people fear privacy issues, or simply don’t like how they photograph. Either way you need to get over yourself. You make a critical mistake if you refuse to post a photo of yourself. People need to literally see you to trust you. Never hide away. Unless you have built a strong brand, use an avatar image of your best head shot. Make sure you’re smiling to build stronger connections with individuals.

Take a professional shot to make a powerful impact. Posting a professional, bright image helps make a firm impress on the minds of interested prospects. People can easily see you, helping you form bonds that picture-less profiles can never forge.

No Profile Information

Some people share no information on their profile. If you fear sharing personal information about yourself how can people get to know you? How can individuals see if you have similar interests? You can never connect with someone until you learn their likes, dislikes, viewpoints and so on. Enter a full, comprehensive profile. You need not share every aspect of your life but at least open up and talk about yourself for a bit. Help people to get to know you better. This practice alone puts you light years ahead of individuals who post nothing to their social media profiles.

Be a person not a profile. Chat about your interests. Allow your personality to come out. Social media pros open up, establishing transparency in all they do. Ever notice how social media icons share the most about themselves? These people know the secret to making powerful connections and even more importantly, they know the disastrous mistakes to avoid.

No Value

Some people chat up folks until the cows come home. These individuals are social media junkies, posting smiling pictures of themselves across social networks and chatting about their interests on their profile. Unfortunately, they bring no value to the table, which means they should not expect to receive any value in the form of strong friendships, leads or online sales.

You need to bring value to the social media game to receive value. You can’t just chat. Nobody really cares about someone who chats all day, wasting time in the comments section, or on profile updates, posting inspirational quotes you’ve already seen hundreds of times before.

No, you need to bring something to the table. You need to add value. Post your latest articles or videos. Share helpful content from industry insiders. Build your brand. Establish your authority. Develop posture. People want you to help them with your solutions. Create the solutions and prosper online.

Social Media Errors – Summary

Never make the mistake of going faceless. Post a shiny, smiling head shot of yourself on all social networks. Help people see you, so they can grow to know, like and trust you. Open up on your About Me pages on social networks. Maintain transparency. Help like-minded people find you with greater ease. How can someone connect with you unless you share your interests? Open up!

Bring value to the table. Nobody really cares about someone who simply talks all day long on Facebook or LinkedIn. Anybody can do that. You need to create valuable content to position yourself as an authority and grow your home based opportunity.

Use the 3 solutions provided to become a heavy in the social media game.

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