3 Steps to Make Money with Blogging

Are you struggling to make money with blogging? Are you entirely new to blogging? You can prosper tremendously by running a content-rich, authority blog in your niche. You need to follow a few basic steps day in and day out to make money online with blogging. These steps are simple to follow, and they are simple not to follow, too. You must absolutely find your why, your driver, to remain motivated to follow the steps and prosper online. Prospering through blogging grows easier if you stick to the fundamentals daily. Those who stick to the basics make money and those who ignore the basics, rushing ahead to use complex, unproven strategies, rarely make a cent with blogging. The difference is in the details, and the willingness to follow a simple, easy to follow system.

Most people struggle to prosper with blogging because they have no plan. Simply write a post and get out of the way. This doesn’t work. Why? If blogging were that easy everybody would be doing it. The steps are easy to follow, but you need to have the steps in place, and follow them daily, to make money with blogging. Many people have no plan whatsoever, and this disorganized, scatter shot approach produces terrible results.

What are the 3 steps to make money online with blogging?

Pick a Topic and Stick with It

Online failures are all over the place, writing on different topics each time they post. This strategy confuses your audience, which means you repel prospects instead of attracting them. The best way to prosper is to become an expert in one area and to stick to that approach persistently. That is, become known for one thing and do it darn well, to gain a rep in that niche. As your writing skills improve and you reach into different networks it becomes easier to establish your authority in the niche. People come to know you as the person to reach if they need help in your area of expertise. To reach this level of expertise, to be viewed in this light, you must stick to your niche. The odd post or 2 covering a different topic is OK but changing up your subject matter from post to post only serves to confuse your audience. How can you expect anybody to follow you and take your call to action if these individuals have no idea what you can do and how you can help them? Stick to one niche, maintain intense clarity around what your blog offers readers and you can begin to make money online with blogging.

Use One Call to Action

Another massive mistake that many online entrepreneurs make is using multiple, varied calls to action in a single post. You can’t post different calls and expect to make a significant amount of money online. If you tell readers to do 4 different things why would you expect them to do anything? Again, this causes massive confusion, and readers simply never take any of your varied, confusing calls. Tell readers to do one thing. Sign up for your free giveaway. Buy your product. Direct readers to sign up for your list, fostering the relationship-building process. Your blogging gig becomes infinitely easier if you simply tell people to do one thing instead of ten things. Keep your calls to a minimum to make money online in the blogging niche.

Open Up Multiple Channels

Even though you want to do one thing, and do it will, you need to open multiple income streams. Bigger ticket opportunities might not provide you with steady income, but adding passive, less lucrative streams can help you through the lean times as your big ticket opportunities grow. Consider posting ads to your blog, offering consulting services or selling your own information products to prosper online with your blog.  Do one thing well, and prosper through multiple channels with your talents. As your blog traffic increases it will become easier to draw in targeted leads who either click on your ads or buy your products. Be persistent. Good things flow your way. Open up multiple channels today to begin making money online with your blog.

Making Money with Blogging – Summary

Decide on on topic. Stick to that topic daily. Deviating from your blogging topic only serves to confuse your audience. This is a no-no in the blogging niche. Get know for one thing by doing that thing better than anybody in your niche, and you can begin to prosper online with blogging. Stick to the theme of your blog. Maintain intense clarity in all that you do while posting. Include one chief call to action on your blog. You can include the same call directed toward doing the same thing in each post, but never include varying calls to action. Too many calls to action results in no call being taken. Don’t tell someone to sign up for your free boot camp, like your Facebook Fan Page, buy your product and download your free ebook all on your blog. What would you do next? Nothing of course. Ask people to do one thing, and ask them to do this one thing a few times on your blog.

Open up multiple income streams. Think abundance. If you run a big ticket program you might experience a few droughts between sign ups. Opening up multiple income streams helps you to weather these storms.

Take these three steps to make money online with your blog.

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