3 Tips to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media marketing can make or break your overall marketing campaign. The strategy can build trust or repel prospects depending upon the approach you take to social sites.

Generating leads through social media can grow your business quickly. Why? Individuals who find you on social sites grow to like and trust you over a period of time. These people know you from your content. You also can share more about yourself on social sites like Facebook. This increased level of transparency helps individuals to connect with you. Maybe you share similar interests to a prospect. If someone can relate to you on any level you might build a strong relationship with this individual.

Social media success is rooted in being engaging. Remember the first word in social media. If you chat up fellow friends on social networks you can begin to drive traffic to your social media profile. As increasing numbers of people visit your social media profile expect to receive more hits on your blog and squeeze page. People want to learn more about the chatty individual who carries a friendly vibe.

Asking questions and providing answers is a great way to open up and allow individuals to engage you. Pose relevant questions to your audience. Provide answers and continue to engage through comment threads. Forget making your social sites a 1 way broadcasting station. This approach turns off otherwise willing prospects quickly. Who wants to be on the end of an endless stream of broadcasts? On the flip side, who wants to be heard? Most everybody. This is why asking questions and listening for answers proves to be the most effective approach in developing a well traveled social media site.

Engage Persistently

Social media pros know talking to their audience on a persistent basis is the quickest way to earn the trust of your buddies. Even if you churn out the best content on earth you can’t possibly make a strong connection with someone until you listen to them. Most people simply want someone who is willing to listen to their dreams, or problems, or aspirations, or worries. You seek someone who listens, someone who genuinely cares about listening and helping you with your problems. Be the listener. Gain serious currency in the social media game.

Engage daily. Never miss a day of asking questions or sharing answers. Otherwise your links go largely ignored, even if you pack immense value into your updates. Engaging persistently adds a real element to your social media marketing campaign. No better way to increase clicks and grow your business.

Post Pictures

Posting eye candy remains one of the better ways to generate social media buzz. Pictures are appealing to individuals who seek out eye candy. Let’s face it: we all live heavily through our senses. An intriguing image snares our attention and elicits a share on your social network of choice.

Stay on topic most of the time. Never flood your stream with image after image. This practice repels people who might be interested in your home based opportunity. Posting one picture a day works well to pique the interest of your friends without annoying these individuals.

Share images of your vacations, or pictures of your family. Help people to get to know you better. Inspire people to travel like you do. Give your friends material to dream about. One picture posted during a high traffic period can go viral with alarming speed.

Be Transparent

Are you frustrated by your social media marketing campaign? You likely lack full transparency. Check out your biography page on any social network. Are you transparent? Do you talk about yourself, your interests, and how you can benefit your social media buddies? Maintaining full transparency grows your social networks fast. People trust someone they can see, someone who shares of themselves.

People never trust a person who appears to be hiding. Some online entrepreneurs attempt to gain the trust of their market without setting up social media profiles. This is extremely difficult to do in the age of social marketing. Sites like twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are often the first stop for prospects who desire to learn more about you and what you can offer individuals. If you have no profiles on these networks or if your profile is not fully transparent you have a difficult time gaining the trust of your target market.

Set up complete, detailed accounts on the big social networks. Work Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and Google Plus daily, and make sure to fill out your profile completely. Share your interests. Allow individuals with similar interests to find you with greater ease. Help people to get to know you by posting pictures of yourself on social networks. Keep it personal. Remain detached from business outcomes. Social media should be treated like one big, raucous party, if you plan to succeed with your social media marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing Optimization – Summary

Engage persistently. Chatting up your friends helps people to get to know you better. Someone who asks questions and provides answers becomes popular in a world where listeners are in great demand. Chat daily. Showing up daily makes a firm impress on the minds of your social media buddies. Gain the reputation of being a helpful, engaging person.

Post eye candy. Pictures can generate a ton of buzz around your social media marketing campaign. Don’t overdo it. Posting one picture each day should drive increased traffic to your social sites. Inspire, entertain and educate with the images you choose to post to your social media accounts.

Be fully transparent. Craft a comprehensive profile on all of your social networking accounts. Open up. Help people with like-minded interests to connect with you by discussing your habits, hobbies and passions. This is attraction marketing at its finest.

Use each of these tips persistently to fully optimize your social media marketing campaign and grow your online opportunity.

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