4 Clever Social Media Strategies For Solo Entrepreneurs

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As a solo entrepreneur and head honcho it’s your job to ensure that you stay abreast of the various changes in technology, sales and marketing.

Essentially ever since Facebook and Twitter hit the scene just a few short years ago, others have followed suit and now there’s a huge industry now officially known as “social media marketing”.

Whether you’re into one network versus the other as everyone seems to have a favorite. Some entrepreneurs prefer Twitter, others sing the praises of Facebook and others are all about Pinterest. Whichever one is your personal favorite, it pays to know how best to use them to garner leads, clients and sales. Below we provide four clever social media strategies for solo entrepreneurs.

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1. Have Goals –

One of the most important elements of any social media campaign is the setting up of goals. Goals in what you plan to achieve, which could be more followers, leads, email sign ups, sales and or clients. Once you have goals in place then your efforts and attention can turn to achieving them and making them a reality. A strategic plan of action is what is required to set those goals in motion. Begin one today and reap the rewards tomorrow.

2. Schedule Time –

Although it may appear as if one needs to spend all day and night everyday on social media sites updating and checking in. Fact is, this need not be the case. You can simply set aside blocks of time a few days a week and update or monitor your accounts accordingly. However you should have measures in place to get notice when someone adds a comment or asks a question on one of your social media accounts. Last thing you want is to have a question or a complaint from  a follower – to go unnoticed for a week (or even a few days) with no response at all from your camp. If you have the proper measures in place, you should be getting an email notice whenever someone places an update on your Facebook fan page or Twitter profile. When this happens, be sure to take a few minutes and check on this update and reply as needed.

3. Outsource –

If you don’t have the time to update, manage and monitor your various profiles and pages, then it might be a good idea to invest in a social media manager or assistant. A social media manager does just as their title implies including create tweets, update your Facebook fan page, add links to company blog articles, create content, PIN images, respond to follower questions and comments and more. This could be a very smart move on your part and remember this doesn’t have to be a 24 hour 7 day a week job, but a part time position in the 10 to 15 hours a week range. You can start your “social media manager” or “social media assistant” job hunt at the Problogger job board run by Darren Rowse or ask established bloggers for a referral.

4. Measure ROI –

Once you have goals in place, have set a social media schedule and or outsourced these tasks, the next logical move is to measure your return on investment. The investment being time. After a few months (about three) gauge how your accounts are performing and what results you’re getting from your efforts. Perhaps your goal with social media is to increase email signups to your list. On day one you had 50 subscribers and now three months later you have 200 sign ups 70% of which came from your social media campaign. Best way to measure ROI from social media is to set up various strategic landing pages on your site or blog with a strict funnel.

So for example, you could link to a “More About Me” page on your Twitter profile which resides on your blog. And on this page will be an email sign up form that visitors can sign up to your email list. Nothing else other than information about you and a simple (email only) sign up form – should be on this page. Most email marketing companies have a feature where you can specify where a visitor came from and notate page information. So overtime you will know who signed up just via this special landing page on your site – which by the way should only be visible to those coming in from your Twitter profile.

There you have it. Four clever social media strategies for solo entrepreneurs. Go out there and grab your market by the horns, they are eagerly waiting for you.


What is the #1 most pressing question you have about social media? Tell me below and I will do my best to help.

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