4 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

Maybe you are looking to supplement your existing income or better yet trying to find a full time gig that you can do from home that will afford you enough income to pay the bills and have a little left over for fun. Anyone looking to make a few extra dollars can certainly do so easily with the invention of the Internet. However, there are many gimmicks online and if you don’t know what to look out for you can end up investing and losing a lot of time and money. Here is the good news-millions of people are learning how to make money online and many earn their sole income by doing so.


Freelancing forums have taken the online world by storm and truth be told many make a great and honest living at it! Such places like ODesk, Fiverr and Elance are all places where people can put the skills they already have to good use and earn money. These forums employ writers, web designers, artists and pretty much any other professional types that you can think of.

The general way they work is you open and register a profile which takes only minutes. Your profile has a small bio about who you are and what skills you have to offer. Once your profile is approved by the moderators, you are free to seek out freelance jobs that are posted by contractors and contractors or employers can also seek you out.

On ODesk you can click on a job that interests you and “apply” to bid for it. Once the contractor sees that they will contact you and begin a conversation about project details and how much they pay. Then if accepted by both parties, you complete the project, get paid and swiftly move on to the next. Job prices here vary a lot so you will have to be choosy about which ones you take. Other forums like Fiverr are a set market. Every contractor pays $5.00 to Fiverr and you get $4.00 for each completed job.

Freelancing on these sites can be quite lucrative if you are dedicated and do a good job. Most are on a system where both you and the person who hired you can provide feedback. Thus, the better your feedback, the more jobs you are likely to get hired to do.

Freelancing is great because you can accept the jobs you want, decline the ones you don’t and do it all from the comfort of your home. But it takes discipline and you have to perform well as the competition is rigorous.


Blogging has also taken off and if you have a particular niche you can set up your own blogging site and also make some great money. Many bloggers of all types incorporate things like GoogleAd within their blogging sites to generate additional money. GoogleAd and the like is a system where ads are placed on your websites for visitors to see and hopefully buy whatever the ads are selling. This is calculated on a pay per click basis, so you do have to market yourself and your site, as the more visitors you receive that click on the ads, the more money you will generate.

People blog about all kinds of things from eco-friendly topics to self-help topics. If you have a particular hobby or skill and feel you can offer readers some usable advice, blogging is a great way to make money online.

Call Center Operators

Lots of companies (even the heavy hitters) are finding that they can cut their own costs by hiring telecommuting workers to answer the flurry of calls they receive all day. Many of these companies simply require their workers to have a landline and decent computer or lap top. The cost to you is almost nothing and you can be a technical expert or customer care representative all online and from home. Legitimate call centers such as Alpine Access hire almost 70% of their employees from work at home and offer pretty good benefits, hourly pay and 401(k) plans.


If you have a lot of stuff lying around the house that you never use, sell it to make a profit. If you make things, that is even better! Selling your homemade goods online is not only easy money, but it is profitable because your overhead is nil. Other sites like Pininterest and Etsy are also places where crafty and talented people sell their items at reasonable prices for money. This will take some self marketing on your part so make sure you include links on social media sites and invest a few dollars in some business cards. Many companies offer stellar pricing for business cards (you can get 500 for a few dollars from Vista) and it makes you look professional while giving potential customers something tangible to walk away with.

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