4 Experts Tips for Creating Profitable Information Products

Let’s face it – selling information products online and making money while you sleep is a dream for many. But in order to create do so, you need more than just an idea. You need to ensure that you’re creating a strong enough foundation first before anything. Because if you start on the wrong foot, chances are that you might end up failing.

There are many online marketers who swear by the information selling business. But what they don’t tell you is that it takes serious commitment to create a profitable info product. In the following article we talk about four expert tips to help you produce information products that sell…

#1. Research Your Market

One of the most common mistakes online entrepreneurs make is they create an information product without really researching their market. The thing is, in order to make an info product sell and bring in real profits, it has to be something that people want. It has to solve a problem with an effective solution. It has to help in a big way.

If you simply create an info product based on your own assumptions or what you think is right, it might fail to make an impact because it’s simply not something that people want to buy. So before you jump onto producing your own information product, go ahead and do your homework.

Research your market to find out what’s working and what’s not. Study the kind of problems your audience is having. Analyze the current products that are selling well and see what’s making them tick. All of this leads you to create a product that is not only in demand but will also sell for a long time to come.

#2: Start Small

When you’re just starting out with your first information product, it’s always better to start small. In other words, don’t go out there and try to create a huge home study course in your first attempt. Why? Because you need experience before creating bigger products and besides that, you also need to establish your reputation in the start.

Smaller info products such as ebooks and reports are easy to create. They don’t take much time to create and at the same time give long term returns. You can also churn them out at a faster rate and steadily build your own army of small but profitable info products.

Once you understand how the whole information selling business works and are comfortable selling smaller products, you can move on to bigger ones. The idea here is to get your feet wet, gain more experience and improve your standing in your market. However, do make sure these low ticket info products you’re creating are of good quality.

#3: Don’t Ignore Quality

In order to make any information product work, you’ll have to ensure that it’s of great quality. If your only aim is to make money and not give quality, then your product won’t find many buyers. On the other hand, if you really want to help your customers with your product with the best quality that you can offer then success awaits you.

When we talk about quality information products we’re not just referring the the quality of information, but also the way you structure and present your product. It’s really important that you focus on improving and delivering quality on all levels. For example, if you’re writing an ebook, you have to organize it in such a way that it’s reader friendly.

Overtime the quality of your information products will improve as you get more customer feedback and incorporate it. It will take you some time before you’re able to perfect it according to your audience’s taste. But if you’re committed, there’s no doubt that you will be able to give better quality than others.

#4: Focus on Shipping It Out

It’s important that you do not let your efforts to create quality deviate you from shipping the product. In other words, be quality conscious but at the same time try to put the product out in the market as soon as possible. It’s easy to get caught up in the “perfection mode” when creating an information product and take too long to bring it out. So even if the product doesn’t seem perfect, just get done with it and start selling it.

It’s commonly seen amongst information marketers that they try to create the ultimate resource with their product. It’s not a bad thing to do so, but it can delay your launch. And the longer your launch is delayed, the more profits you’ll end up losing.


Creating a profitable information product isn’t a walk in the park. It does take effort. However, it’s also not rocket science. With the right kind of ideas and by taking consistent action, you’ll find that the info product business is the best business to be in.

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