4 Innovative Ways to Make Money Online

Today if we start counting the number of internet millionaires, I hope the sum will come around 10,000 or may be more than that. Internet millionaires have introduced their great ideas into obscene profits, and used the power of the web to promote the offline business or simply sold their skills online.

No one can stop you from utilizing your skills to make money online. However, if you look upon the media for the resource about internet millionaires, you will find that only few are lucky, but in reality, thousands of people have used great ideas to make money online.

Here you will find 4 such innovative ways to make money online in 2013:

        I.            Tweet For the Sponsors

Have you heard of the online platform – SponsoredTweets.com? It allows you to make money online via Twitter. It charges the sponsors for communicating their messages to the followers. You have to set the amount to get paid for every tweet you make. Choose a category and select the keywords you want to work with. Then wait for the advertisers to contact you and offer the amount you have set for each tweet.

Throughout the entire process, Twitter has full control over your account, they may choose the tweets phrases or reject the tweet altogether if they wish to do so. Therefore, you need to be careful with the choice of words.

      II.            Earn Ad Revenues From The Blogs

If you have a blog with a devoted following, then it becomes easy for you to cater services to your readers and leverage hard cash from them. There are many ad networks like Google Adsense to place ads on your site. You will receive a payment every time a reader clicks on the ads. It is easy to go overboard and fill every pixel of the blog. It is possible to generate a good amount of income from the blog ads.

You can check out the blog of John Chow, (JohnChow.com) who makes $40,000 a month through ad revenues, ironically his blog deals with the niche – making money online.

    III.            Try Writing An eBook

The self-publishing world has expanded a lot to the point at which you do not even have to run your own website, in order to promote a book. Some of the self-publishing platforms are – Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, their commission rates are around 70% available on every sale.

If you check out the data sheet of the Amazon in 2012, you will find that the number of eBook sales has reached 8 million last years. Amazon stated that the most popular genre was Thriller and Mystery and 62% of the people have made money from it. Here is your chance to try your luck!

    IV.            Mobile APP Tester

People, who are still unable to gauge their application development skill, can make money using their iPhone apps. People, who have time and desire to test the iPhone apps and discover a lot of bugs, can get the share profits for their efforts. uTest is one such application that you can use. Individuals who have signed up to build some reputation based on testing they have done so far. More the reputation means more profit in the app testing opportunity.

Just get down, and click the keyboard and start making money online today!

Author’s Bio: Ruby Gomes is an online marketing strategist who has a blog on business and making money online. She is supporting the call center companies in the Philippines around Malate Manila to let them generate leads via social media platforms.

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