4 Steps to eBook Writing Success

E-book publishing is growing with massive speed, especially with the launch of Amazon Kindle. There are more and more writers who are being focused on writing ebooks to not only sell but also give them away.

But the question is – what does it take to write a good ebook? What all should you keep in mind to ensure that you’re doing it right? How do you do find success with it?

The following article explores four basic steps to make your ebook writing successful…

Find Your Topic

The first step towards writing an ebook is to find a topic that you know you can write on. But that’s not only, it also has to be a topic that you will have no problem finding an audience. There are many ways you can discover topics, but the best way to find them is to look into your own passion.

What are you passionate about? See what answers you get for that question. Once you’ve identified your passion, do some research to find out whether your topic is viable. For example, writing an ebook about dog training is good because there’s a demand for it. But writing an ebook about stamp collecting? Not a good idea because not many people want it. So you have to go for a topic that is broad enough to have a strong audience and narrow enough to help you showcase your expertise.

Generate Your Idea

Identifying the topic isn’t enough, you also have to have the right ideas to work with. That’s how you drill down into the topic and get ideas to write about. These are the ideas around which your ebook will be written. So it’s important that you spend time generating them.

Taking our previous example of dog training, knowing that it’s a broad topic, you’d have to narrow it down. Do you want to write an ebook about basic dog training tips? Or training specific breeds? Or you only want to focus on tricks that a new dog owner can teach his dog? You can generate ideas by:

  • Brainstorming with your friends or colleagues
  • Using your own experience and memories
  • Listening to other people and grasp what they’re saying
  • Analyzing and looking into the data you have on hand
  • Conversing with an expert or interview him

You see the potential number of ideas you can generate is not limited. But the potential number of getting good ideas? Now that’s a number that’s limited. So be careful about choosing your idea.

Determine Your Unique Selling Proposition

What makes your ebook different from the rest? You have to know your USP so that it becomes easy for you to stand out from the crowd. Nowadays there are so many ebooks out there that you can get lost. Regardless of what you want to do with your ebook, whether it’s selling it or giving it away, you have to be unique.

You can do this in different ways such as by giving away information that is exclusive and nobody’s doing it. Or format and structure it in a way that allows you to make a strong impression on your readers. Or make an offer with your ebook that they can’t refuse. Whatever way you choose to be different, see to it that you stick to it. Because your unique selling proposition will determine how far you go.

Have a Strong Purpose

Your ebook needs to be backed by purpose. If you don’t have a purpose then it’ll be difficult for you to stay focused on your objectives. Having a purpose lets you explore different areas with your ebook and take it to the next level. It lets you focus on the positive side of things and helping your readers get the most out of your content.

There’s no doubt about the fact that a purpose drives you to success. It gives you the motivation to do your best with your ebook. It lets you not lose sight of your objectives. So go ahead – sit down and know your purpose before you actually put the pen to paper.


Writing an ebook isn’t hard – what’s hard is making sure it is liked, read and spread by your readers. Like any endeavor, even writing an ebook is a task that requires you to lay a strong foundation before you get started with it. Without that, you won’t be able to write an ebook that gets a response. It just won’t be successful.

The steps that we discussed above may look basic, but they are the foundation laying steps. So approach each one of them with utmost focus and see to it that you don’t ignore any. Because ultimately you want to write an ebook that gets talked about. An ebook that gets you recognition. An ebook that makes you feel proud.


    • The more you think about it, the more complicated it’s going to seem. Just take a start. Don’t worry about how it’ll shape.

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