5 Amusing Pencil Magic Tricks

1. The Magnetic Pencil

A pencil is held at the magician’s finger tips. It mysteriously adheres there, although only two fingers are pressed against it. Then the pencil is given for examination, and the hand is shown to be unprepared.

Method: Take a loop of black thread and pass it through a buttonhole of your coat. Insert the pencil (which should be a dark one), through the loop. Press outwards against the pencil with the backs of your fingers, letting the thread run between the fingers. The pressure will make the pencil stick to the fingers. As soon as pressure is released, the pencil will slip from the loop, which will fall unseen against your coat.

A dark coat should be worn when this trick is performed.

2. The “Vanishing” Pencil

A pencil is rolled in a sheet of paper. The paper is immediately torn to pieces, and the pencil is gone!

The pencil is nothing but a hollow paper tube. A glazed, colored paper is the best to use. A real pencil tip is inserted in one end of the tube; and the eraser end of a pencil in the other end. You can write with the pencil and it will appear quite ordinary. But when you roll it up in a sheet of paper, you can tear the paper into several pieces, to prove that the pencil has gone.

3. Turnabout Pencil

A pencil is exhibited and is pushed into a paper tube, the point of the pencil going in last. When the pencil comes out the other end of the tube, it emerges point first, having apparently reversed itself inside the tube.

The pencil is sharpened on both ends. Then a piece of glazed paper is rolled around it, and glued to form a paper tube. The glazed covering should be just long enough so that one point of the pencil will extend.

In pushing the innocent looking pencil through the larger paper tube, the extending point is pushed into the glazed covering, so that the point will extend from the opposite end. Thus when the pencil comes out it will be reversed, coming out point first.

4. Naming the Suit

A sheet of paper is laid on the table. The magician’s assistant leaves the room. Some person is asked to name any suit of a pack of playing cards: diamonds, clubs, hearts, o spades.

When this has been done, the magician gives him a pencil and tells him to write “What suit did I choose?” or any other words that ask the same question. The person then takes the paper and pencil out to the assistant who immediately writes the name of the chosen suit.

Pencils are responsible for this trick. The magician has four different pencils in his pocket, each one representing a different suit. He merely gives the proper pencil to the spectator to take out to the assistant. When the assistant sees the pencil he knows the chosen suit.

5. Pencil From Pocketbook

A small purse is opened, and a pencil is drawn from its interior. The pencil is three times as long as the pocketbook.

The pencil is previously concealed up the sleeve, so that the tip of it comes into the palm of the hand. The back of the hand is towards the audience.

The bottom of the purse has an opening, so that when the purse is placed in the hand that hides the pencil, and the pocketbook is opened, the other hand can reach down through and draw out the pencil.

An ordinary purse may be used: in this case the pencil is drawn up in back of the purse; from a short distance it will appear to come from inside the purse.

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