5 Email Marketing Success Tips for Bloggers

Every blogger needs to build an email list. Because there’s no doubt about the fact that having an email list will send more traffic to your blog and help you make your blog profitable in the long run. However, most bloggers don’t really focus much on improving their email marketing. They aren’t doing much to get the most out of their email marketing efforts, which is why they experience a low open rate and not-so-good click-through rate.

The reason for this is that bloggers aren’t professional email marketers. They are, well, bloggers who write and publish content. So naturally their focus is more on the content side and not on the email side. If you are one such blogger, you’ve reached the right article. Given below are a few email marketing success tips that will help you get better blogging success.

1. Be Clear About Your Intentions

When you’re running a blog, people expect a ton from you in terms of content. They expect you to give them value and help them get where they want to. But when it comes to email, you need to specifically get clear about your intentions and say them out loud. In other words, you have to clearly tell your blog readers why you’re asking for their email and what’s your purpose.

Don’t just go ahead and create a “free ebook” bribe and get people to opt-in, only to send them a barrage of promotional emails every other day. Doing that you won’t impress your subscribers but it would rather make them hit the unsubscribe button. So clearly tell in your opt-in box that you are going to send them email updates on a daily basis or a weekly basis, whatever your aim is. When you’re clear about your intentions, you set the right expectations.

2. Let them Know Why They’re Receiving Your Email

Nowadays people subscribe to so many newsletters and updates that they have a hard time keeping track of the emails they get on a regular basis. This is why it’s important that you remind them that they signed up for blog updates from you. It doesn’t matter how many subscribers are joining your blog’s email update list, this is one step you shouldn’t ignore.

If you look around, you’ll find that many professional bloggers tend to take this seriously. They clearly mention in their emails as to why the recipient is receiving them. This is not only to remind them so that they don’t unsubscribe, but it’s also to avoid receiving any spam complaints. The more careful you are with the emails you collect, the better it is.

3. Have a Schedule for Sending Out Emails

When it comes to emailing, you have to be consistent with the time you send your message, and also ensure it’s a good day for broadcasting. A lot of bloggers make the mistake of not having a schedule for their emailing, but that may not be a good idea. Why? Because your subscribers will be more comfortable in knowing when to expect your email.
If your subscribers like the content you send, they’ll be more than happy to wait for your emails if they know when to expect them. This not only helps you boost your open rate, but also gives a better click-through rate in the long run. One of the reasons why it gets difficult to build trust with your email list is that you don’t take the email scheduling part seriously.

4. Have a Squeeze Page

Yes, having an opt-in form spread all over your blog is a good thing. It’s highly encouraged. But if you’re a smart blogger who wants to leverage email marketing to the maximum, you won’t stop there. You’ll go ahead and create a well defined and optimized squeeze page to collect email addresses. A squeeze page is a dedicated page with only one single aim – get more subscribers.

Having a squeeze page is very useful, especially when you’ve got a diverse blog audience. It’s a page that you can link to from your emails and other pages of your site. What’s more, even your readers can link to this page when recommending your blog. You’ll find that by simply adding a squeeze page to your blog you can boost your email opt-in rate and get you quality subscribers.

5. Make the Most Out of Your Welcome Email

Building a personal connection with your subscribers or bonding with them is important if you want to leverage your email list effectively. And in order to do that, you need to learn more about them and understand their problems, their struggles or simply the type of content they’re interested in.

You can learn more about your subscribers by asking the right questions in your welcome email. By hitting the reply button, your new subscribers can get back to you with their queries, suggestions or even their stories as to where they’re coming from. Taking this simple step can help you understand your target audience better. Using this information you can not only only tailor your blog content according to what they want, but also create and sell them targeted products in the future.

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