5 Tips to Create Powerful Email Subject Lines

Running a successful email marketing campaign is all about getting the basics right. If you’re able to do that, you’ll get better open rates and higher conversions. And creating a good subject line is one of the basics that you cannot ignore.

You can’t slap up any subject line on the emails you send and expect magic. No, you have to go out of your way to ensure that your emails are opened and read by a good percentage of your list.

There’s a lot of good and bad advice out there when it comes to creating winning subject lines. Knowing what’s the right way to create one is all about knowing your purpose and understanding where you’re headed with your campaign.

In the article below we talk about a few useful tips that will help you create subject lines that actually get a response…

#1.  Know Your Goal

Getting clarity is the first step towards making your email marketing campaign successful. For which, you’ll have to know your goal, and be sure of what you’re aiming for. Or else you’ll end up writing a subject line that’s just vague and pointless.

When you know exactly what your aim is, you’ll have a clear idea on how to get those emails open. You’ll also know what to tell your subscribers to get them motivated, and how to make real sense with your subject line.

Regardless of how big or small your campaign is, don’t start on it and unless and until you’re sure of your purpose. Whether it’s generating more leads, driving traffic to your blog or getting sales for your new product – your subject line’s success depends on your own ability to be clear.

#2: Focus on What Your Subscribers Want

Nobody’s concerned about how good your product is or how much time you’ve spent on your new blog post. People are always thinking on the lines of “what’s in it for me?” So before you carve out your subject line, try to get a clear picture of what your email list wants.

Don’t just aim blindly but be sure of your subscribers’ wants/needs. Your email marketing campaign should be focused on helping them, not selling them. Because that’s the only way you’ll be able to create targeted and purpose oriented subject lines.

Once you have a better idea as to what they want, proceed to create a subject line that is in sync with it. Let your subscribers know what they’ll get upon opening the email. Don’t hide, but rather be open about the purpose in every possible way. If you’re vague then you’ll have a poor open rate.

#3: Look Around to Get Ideas

When preparing your subject line, it’s always good to do your homework. Look around and study magazines, newspapers, blogs, and other online/offline sources to get inspiration. You can also look into different sales letters because those headlines are proven to work and are written by professional copywriters.

However, don’t blatantly copy anything. Rather get inspired and customize these other headlines for your own email campaign. Even better, create a ‘swipe file’ where you store every good headline you come across, so that you can experiment with it for your email subject lines.

#4: Be Simple and Effective

Don’t overcomplicate your email subject line when writing it. Try to keep it simple and to the point. You might be tempted to make it long and wordy, but avoid doing so. Instead go for the shorter version. Aim at being engaging and say more with fewer words.

However, keeping it simple doesn’t mean you go vague. The idea is to make your point without beating around the bush. You can do it by writing a rough subject line first, not worrying about the length. Then put on your editor’s cap to chop it down to the bare essentials.

#5: Cut Out the Hype

It’s easy to make your campaign all hyped up to grab the attention of your subscribers. But too much of hype will make you look fake. It might get you the attention, but it may not get you a good open rate. Why? Because people are tired of hype and they don’t want to be sold.

Instead, focus on being real. Someone your subscribers can connect with and be comfortable interacting with. Don’t be a pushy salesman with your email marketing campaign. Be friendlier in your approach and keep things genuine. Because it’s not just about getting your emails opened, it’s also about getting them read and responded to.


Every email marketer knows the value of a great subject line. That’s exactly why they spend a lot of their time testing out different ones. And if you want to really make your email marketing campaigns successful, you should too. Because the more you test, the easier will it be for you to identify responsive subject lines.

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