6 Mysterious Magic Watch Tricks

1. The Stop Watch

A watch is shown, with the second hand running. Anyone can hear the watch tick. But when the watch is laid on the table, it stops immediately.

Method: Have a magnet concealed under the table-cloth. When the watch is laid above the magnet, the works will be stopped. Never perform this trick with an expensive watch, as the magnet may affect it. Use an old, cheap watch; especially one that is an erratic time keeper.

2. Number Six

This is a catch, rather than a trick.

Ask a person the time, and when he re places his watch in his pocket, mention that although he has been looking at his watch every day, he cannot tell you whether the number six on the face is a Roman numeral (VI) or an Arabic numeral (6).

Of course he will say that he does know; and when he has stated which it is, tell him to look at his watch. To his surprise he will find that there is no number six at all!

The reason is because the second hand of the watch occupies the space provided for number 6. When you ask him for the time your purpose is to learn whether or not his watch has a second hand. If it has one, you may go ahead safely.

3. Telling the Time

Borrow a watch and tell the company to set it at any time they choose, as five, ten, fifteen (or some other unit of five) minutes after an hour. You leave the room while this is being done, and the watch is laid face down on the table.

When you return, you merely look at the back of the watch and immediately tell the time at which it is set.

Method: You must have a confederate for this trick. You and he divide the table into twelve imaginary squares, each square representing an hour. After the watch has been set and placed on the table, the confederate carelessly moves it into the proper square to designate the hour. At the same time be turns the watch so that the stem points to the minute, imagining that there is a dial around the watch.

One glance at the watch will tell you the time at which it is set.

4. The Mystic Alarm Clock

This is a similar trick with an alarm clock; but no confederate is needed. Some person is invited to set the minute hand of the clock at any number he chooses, and to lay the clock face down. Looking at the back of the clock, you name the number to which the large hand points.

Method: The winding knob of an alarm clock often has a little mark which points to the top of the clock when the minute hand points to twelve. If no such mark appears, set the clock at twelve and make a scratch on the knob. When you look at the knob t will tell you where the minute hand is pointing; for the scratch on the knob will act as an indicator on a tiny imaginary dial. The “dial” will be in reverse order, running 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, etc.

5. The Watch from the Handkerchief

A watch is placed in the center of a large handkerchief. The corners of the handkerchief are drawn through a metal ring, and the corners are held by different persons. Then you throw a napkin over the handkerchief, and reaching beneath, immediately draw out the watch!

Method: Although the corners of the handkerchief are held, and the watch cannot pass through the metal ring, the removal of the watch is an easy matter. Take hold of the side of the handkerchief and pull it down through the ring, thus making a space between the corners through which you may withdraw the watch. If you have a coin in your hand, you can drop it in the handkerchief instead of the watch. Then pull the ring down against the coin.

6. Down the Sleeve

Magicians are supposed to put objects “up their sleeves.” In this trick you deliberately drop a watch in your sleeve, and then challenge anyone to find it. The sleeve is shaken, and felt, but no trace of the watch remains!

Method: The watch is apparently put in the left sleeve. Hold your left hand against your face so that the opening of the sleeve comes directly in front of the left breast pocket Hold the watch between your right thumb and forefinger, and as the other fingers spread the sleeve open, let the watch drop in the pocket. The illusion is perfect. Extend your hand, and shake the sleeve a bit, and everyone will look there for the watch.


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