6 Simple Newsletter Ideas for Work that Give Results

Publishing a worthy newsletter takes effort. You can’t just wake up one day and decide to publish a newsletter that’s a smashing hit. It requires you to take the right steps in the right direction. It requires you to focus on what really matters.

So the question is – how do you really go about publishing such a newsletter that gets attention? How do you work on creating newsletter content that your subscribers will like? What can you do to make your newsletter stand out of the crowd?

In the following article we discuss six simple newsletter publishing tips that give results…

#1: Be Yourself and Share Your Personality

Your subscribers want to connect with you. They want to see the real side of you, not the artificial, made up one. So when creating and publishing your newsletter, make sure you are yourself. Share your personality and create content that showcases your individual style. This is an essential step towards building a rock solid relationship with your email list.

By giving your newsletter a personal touch, you’ll not only deliver more value to your subscribers and make your content entertaining, but also make your readers curious about what’s coming up. This increases your email list’s retention rate. So there’s not one, but many advantages of “not faking” it with your newsletter. The more real, the more human you are, the better.

#2: Find Your Unique Selling Proposition

Publishing a successful newsletter requires you to go beyond what others are doing. It requires you to think different than others, or like the say, think out of the box. Therefore your email newsletter needs to have a unique selling proposition. Something that sets it apart. Because you need to give your potential subscribers a reason to join your newsletter.

Now finding a unique selling proposition doesn’t mean that you have to do something completely irrelevant. No, it means that you create value in your own way and fill a ‘gap’ that your competitors have failed to bridge. That’s the only way you’ll be able to create your own unique standing. Regardless of what niche you’re targeting, you should never ignore the importance of creating a unique selling proposition.

#3: Be Meaningful and Valuable

A newsletter that isn’t focused on being meaningful will almost always publish content that is rehashed and of little value. If you look around you’ll see that there are many newsletters out there that aren’t doing anything worthy for their subscribers. Which is why they usually have a high unsubscription  rate.

Value is something that should be embedded in the core of your newsletter. And you will have to go that extra mile to ensure that this value is met. Yes it does require consistent effort and lots of testing/tweaking, but in the end, it’ll be worth the effort. You’ll see for yourself that being meaningful with your content goes a long, long way. It helps you build a newsletter that survives the test of time.

#4: Aim at Becoming the Ultimate Resource

There’s no doubt about the fact that being indispensable pays big time. If you publish newsletter content that is extremely useful, then you will not only have a high retention rate, but also get your subscribers to spread the word on their own. So becoming the ultimate resource for your subscribers definitely works.

Most newsletter publishers these days have only one agenda – which is to milk their email list for profits. They are in no way motivated to share actionable information or useful tools. But without sharing such resources, your newsletter’s growth will be stagnant. Because when you’re only producing “general” content then there’s nothing great about your newsletter.

#5: Involve Your Subscribers

When it comes to creating good, worthy newsletter content, you shouldn’t limit yourself. You have to think out of the box and do things that will help you bring out truly original content. One way to do this is to involve your subscribers and have send in tips, suggestions and articles. By taking in contributions from your readers, you’ll make your newsletter more interactive.

Also, involving your subscribers is a great way to connect to them on a whole new level. It helps you build a bond with the ones who are contributing and the ones who are reading. They’ll see your newsletter as a publication that is open to new ideas and is constantly striving to deliver more value. And that’s something that many newsletters lack these days.

#6: Ask for Specific Feedback

Your email list can prove to be a great asset in the long run. So when you’re publishing your newsletter, use it as a way to gather specific feedback from your readers. This makes your newsletter more interactive and gives your subscribers a reason to speak up about their likes and dislikes. This feedback could be about your product or service. Or it could also help you in improving the content of your newsletter itself.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind here is to ensure that the questions you ask aren’t commercial in nature. Don’t make your subscribers feel like they are being taken advantage of. Instead look at your questionnaire as a way to add more value to your newsletter. Because ultimately you want to make your content stand out and make your subscribers feel valued.

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