6 Thimble Tricks to Learn

1. A “Vanishing” Thimble

A thimble is placed on the finger tip of the right hand and is removed by the left hand. When the left hand is opened, the thimble has disappeared. The thimble is originally on the second finger of the right hand, while the other fingers are bent in. When the right hand is swung over to the left, the second finger is bent in, and the forefinger is extended in its place. The left hand immediately closes around the forefinger and pretends to draw away the thimble. The forefinger is seen without the thimble; so everyone supposes that the thimble is in the left hand. But when the hand is opened the thimble is gone.

The thimble may be drawn from the left elbow, on the tip of the second finger.

2. Color-changing Thimble

This is a variation of the preceding trick. A red thimble is placed on the tip of the right forefinger and a blue one on the tip of the second finger. The blue thimble is shown and is apparently placed in the left hand. But again the fingers change positions, during the motion of the right hand, and when the left hand is opened, a red thimble is there instead of a blue.

3. The Jumping Thimble

A thimble is shown on the tip of the second finger of the right hand. The left hand is also shown, but it has no thimble. The hands are waved, and the thimble jumps from the right hand to the left, and back again.

Take a thin metal thimble and saw it or cut it in half, from top to bottom. Put one portion on the front of the right second finger, and the other portion on the back of the left second finger. By pressing the bottom edges of the half-thimbles, the magician can clamp them firmly to the finger tips.

Now, when the palms of the hands are shown, there will be a thimble on the tip of the right second finger; but none will be in view on the left.

In waving the hands, turn the backs towards the spectators, and the left-hand thimble will come into view while the right-hand thimble will be out of sight. Another wave of the hands brings the palms front and the thimble is back on the right

4. Thimble From Paper

A small sheet of paper is shown on both sides. It is rolled into a cone. The right fore finger is inserted in the cone, and comes out bearing a thimble.

The thimble is originally on the right fore finger. The paper is held at one end by the right forefinger, beneath, and the right thumb, above. The left hand grips the other end of the paper, and folds it over so that it covers the right thumb, which then releases the under end so that it springs forward. The right forefinger immediately comes up beneath the end held by the left hand, and the right thumb is set on top. Thus both sides of the paper are exhibited thimble.

The left hand rolls the paper in a cone around the right forefinger, drawn, leaving the thimble in the cone.

The finger is shown, and is carefully inserted in the cone, emerging with the thimble.

5. Thimble Through Handkerchief

The magician borrows a handkerchief and places a thimble beneath it, holding the thimble on the tip of his forefinger. He squeezes the handkerchief, arid the thimble goes half way through it, so that both sides of the cloth may be shown, with the thimble extending through.

Then the thimble is pushed back, and the handkerchief is returned, uninjured.

Two thimbles are required for the trick. One must fit loosely over the other. The tip of the larger thimble is cut off, just at the bottom of the rough part. When this thimble tip is placed on the smaller thimble, the thimble appears quite ordinary, at a short distance.

In working, show the thimble, and place it temporarily in the left fist. Then take the thimble on the right forefinger, leaving the false tip in the left hand. Place the right hand under the cloth, with the forefinger extended, and insert the forefinger into the left fist, picking up the false tip. The handkerchief can then be shown with the thimble apparently half way through it!

Then place the left fist over the right fore finger and remove the false tip. Withdraw the handkerchief and show the thimble. Push the thimble into the left fist, and leave the false tip on it, so the hands may be shown empty, except for the thimble. It is an easy matter to dispose of the false tip after this.

6. Complete Penetration

This is a good trick to work in connection with the previous item, as only the thimble itself is used, and it apparently passes right through the handkerchief.

The thimble is set on the tip of the fore finger, which is held upright, and a handkerchief is set over it. The back of the right hand is towards the audience and the left hand approaches in front of the extended finger with the back of the left hand also towards the audience.

Now, the finger which is extended under the cloth is in reality the second fingers which has been raised instead of the forefinger. So at soon as the left hand covers in front of the handkerchief, the forefinger is raised up under the hem, and comes up in back of the hand kerchief. As the left fist is closed, it encircles both the forefinger and the second finger, and grips the thimble. The left hand is raised slightly  to set the thimble on the second finger, through the cloth. The forefinger is immediately bent down. Then the left hand is re moved, and there is the thimble through the handkerchief.

The left hand takes off the thimble. Then the handkerchief is given for examination, and the right hand is shown empty.

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